Xasa in Asia to promote South Afria

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Tokozile Xasa is attending three week long South African Tourism trade workshops in the Asian Market, targeting China, South Korea and Japan.

The series of trade workshops started in three of China’s provinces, namely Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and has the largest contingent of traders participating. It is proving to be a success. Deputy Minister Xasa explained the objective of the workshops to media. She said: “this is one unique platform that enables the South African trade to showcase their latest products, services, and new offerings to the Asian buyers. It facilitates communication and cooperation, and offers great business opportunities between our trade and their counterparts.”

South African trade has been promoting the country as a destination of choice. This through the services and products that South African trade has been selling and promoting to their counterparts. With a developed infrastructure and modern amenities, the country offers many of the attractions that draw people to Southern Africa.

Mr Bradley Brouwer, South African Tourism Regional Manager for Asia Pacific was very impressed by the increase number of trade partners, pointing out that trade can be instrumental towards South Africa attracting more and more of the Asian tourists.

He thanked Minister Xasa for her contribution during the workshops. “We are honoured by the role that the Deputy Minister of Tourism has been playing throughout the workshops and a gratifying experience as all trade partners were able to closely interact with her on matters related to promoting destination South African,” he said.

One of the trade partners, Mr Maree Brink, Chairman of Village & Life expressed gratitude towards government’s commitment the promotion of tourism and its participation in trade workshops of this nature: “this is one of the rare moments where we are able to interact with a Deputy Minister and her presence has made our trade counterparts to treat us with great respect and they now understand when we say Tourism is a priority for government”.

The delegation’s last stop will be Tokyo in Japan on June 28.

Statement issued by the department of tourism


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