Woolworths withdraws its ‘frozen Indian roti’: A case of mislabeling a roti as a paratha


Woolworths is set to withdraw from its shelves the ‘frozen Indian rotis’ which were mislabeled as parathas, unleavened Indian flatbreads. This is after Woolworths was found guilty of mislabeling by the Advertising Standards Association of South Africa (ASA).

A complaint lodged by a consumer named, Mervy Dasen, led the ASA to investigate. Dasen charged that Woolworths was misleading consumers by labeling its ‘frozen Indian rotis’ as parathas. The mislabeling, as captured in the above image occurs on a line which states that: “Known in some areas as parathas, this flaky flatbed is you ideal partner to your favourite curry.”

The two, contended the consumer, are different products. A roti is the softer and pliable version of the unleavened Indian flatbread and the parathas is a multilayered flaky type.

Dasi was quoted in Business Insider saying “There’s no way one can call a roti flaky.”

After investigation, the ASA agreed upheld the view of the complainant. And so Woolworths has to correct the situation.

A Woolworths executive, Richard Stockley, was quoted saying “We will ensure the removal of the product no later than 31 October 2018.”

This article was lifetd from consumer affairs platform, SATopShops


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