Woolworths has the highest customer satisfaction score

Up market retailer Woolworths emerged with the highest customer satisfaction score in the first rating of the country’s clothing retail outlets by the South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi).

This SAcsi edition showed the South African clothing retail outlets scoring 82 out of 100 as represented by the measured operators. The clothing retail outlets included in the index are Ackermans, Edgars, Jet, Mr Price, Pep Stores, Truworths, and Woolworths.

The SAcsi is an independent national benchmark of customer satisfaction of the quality of products and services available to household consumers in South Africa. The data for this release was collected between April and June 2013 using both telephonic and web-based surveys.

The measured clothing retailers were chosen according to their market share. The SAcsi statement said industry leaders in customer satisfaction are Woolworths (6.9% above industry average), Ackermans (1,7% above industry average), and Pep Stores (0.9% above industry average). “Edgars and Truworths are on par with the industry. Mr Price and Jet scored 1.8% and 2.6% respectively below the industry average”.

Prof Andre Schreuder, founder and chair of the SAcsi, said “The index rates brands based on what their customers have to say about the brand”.

It is interesting to see that the industry leaders are brands that spread across SA’s demographic spectrum. If you satisfy your target customer group, then your brand can survive these economic times. Woolworths has shown, yet again, that they are committed to customer satisfaction in both their services and products, and have set the South African benchmark in their industry.”

“If we look more closely at the results, they tell us that Woolworths’ position as the industry leader is directly linked to the retailers’ ability to exceed their customers’ expectations. Pep Stores also exceeded their customers’ expectations, and scored highest on value for money,” said  Schreuder. “The results also show that all the clothing brands have scored well on customer loyalty, meaning that clothing retail customers are very likely to continue to shop at their preferred clothing retailer”.

The SASCI statement said when compared against international scores, the American Customer Satisfaction Index has satisfaction benchmark scores for Department and Discount Stores (77), and for Speciality Retail Stores (78) and the NCSI-UK have a benchmark for Department Stores (78). South African clothing retailers have thus set the new international benchmark (82), outranking Singapore (70) and South Korea (71).

SAcsi holds a licence with the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), and now forms part of a growing number of ACSI-licenced partner countries worldwide, which allows South Africa to compare its industries’ customer satisfaction with this global community. “Through this proven methodology, SAcsi aims to be the voice of the customers to the major industry players in the South African market,” said Schreuder.



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