Welkom Yizani to list and boost BBBEE share trading

Welkom Yizani, the BBBEE scheme from Naspers/Media24, is set to list its shares on an over the counter (OTC) platform on Monday the 9th of December 2013.

This will allow for initial Welkom Yizani investors to cash out if needs be and will open space for new black investors.

The listing will come to bolster the universe of OTC listed BBBEE schemes. It joins the listing of the Phuthuma Nathi scheme which also came out of the Naspers stable and is invested in pay television operation Multichoice.

Other schemes in this universe include the Sasol Inzalo scheme, Eyomhlaba from African Bank Limited and Ukhamba Holdings from Imperial. Two other schemes are listing in the near future, MTN Zakhele next week and Vodacom’s Yebo Yethu on the 3rd of February 2014.

Welkom Yizani was launched in 2006 and attracted just over 100 000 investors. They came in at R10 per share and were subsidised via Naspers loan funding to the tune of R40 per share. Dividend received by the scheme from Multichoice is first applied on servicing debt and the balance to pay dividend to Welkom Yizani members.

Most recently Welkom Yizani received a dividend of R21.2m for the 2012/13 financial year. According to the 2013 Welkom Yizani annual report the scheme would then direct R17m to service its debt, declare a preference dividend. “The balance of the dividend received by Welkom Yizani, less expenses, will be declared as a dividend to its shareholders.”

“As a result, a dividend of R4,2m (2012: R4,1m) (subject to shareholder approval at the annual general meeting on 2 September 2013) will be declared by Welkom Yizani.” This would translate to about 24.4c per Welkom Yizani shares.

Welkom Yizani is touted as the biggest black economic empowerment (BEE) share offer in the South African print media industry. The underlying asset Media24 owns a string of media operations including national newspapers and online platforms.


  • I would like to like join Sasol Inzalo Scheme ,Vodacom’s Yebo Yethu share on the 3rd February 2014

  • I would like to buy sasol inzalo shares

  • If the reported selling price of Welkom Yzani shares @ R17.00 per share is true, what a Ripoff. Naspers S\hares are at about R930.00. Why must people be robbed of their life savings under the banner of BEE

    1. I really am SO DAMN PISSED OFF!!! the Welkom Yizani Shares that are @ R17 a share… will this go up any further??? its currently on @ R15.00. This was REALLY not what i expected.

  • I really am SO DAMN PISSED OFF!!! the Welkom Yizani Shares that are @ R17 a share… will this go up any further??? its currently on @ R15.00. This was REALLY not what i expected.

  • i would like to know of we must all trade in order to receive money from this investment or what? course this was really not my understandig.

    1. If you bought your shares in 2006 you can hold on to your shares, not trade, and still get a dividend when the company declares one. The trading is for people who want to get out or into the investment.

  • Desiree Averil Bergins

    I invested R2000.00 in Yizani Welcome Shares.
    I would like to sell as soon as possible.
    Please advise me of the procedure

  • This is really a rip off. The poor have been grossly misled once again under the banner of BEE. The fat cats have been reaping the benefits of ineterest earned and investors are left with absolutely no return on their investment. YOU OUGHT TO BE ASSHAMED OF YOURSELVES NASPERS!!!!

  • Rubbish rubbish stealing in the name of BEE from the poor,we wait for 5year and directors add 2years .and cover themself with this statement (we did not make enough profit and busy repay the debt)

    This guys must go to jail they do not respect Black majority from disadvantage backgroup and the law of BEE polices.If I come across with one of the director I am not going to make peace with them .we with go down phycisal

    Naspers yesterday fly to the highest to R1000 means money and wealth belong to the white,they are trying their best to kept it to themself.

    Let fight against this malpractice by Naspers Director and pass this massage of all power beares like FSB ,.

  • a real RIPP OFF. R17. for 8 years investment!!!!!
    I would like to sell my shares for at least R150 per share.
    The promise is that they will still paid our the money although there’s not a match to buy

  • Tata Madiba wouldn’t have liked what is happening now to our poor people and our investment.
    Show some respect. At least honour the man and give a good share price!!!

  • My understanding is that things are gonna get better as soon as the debt Nasper is paid off, but the question that is bothering me is how many more years is that gonna take. Really this BEE thing is so not working!!!!!

  • the share price just hit a new Low @ R8.08

  • These naspers en bee pple dnt even rply on my mails ,RIPP OFFSS!!!!!!

  • I think the share price of R9 is scandalous and goes against the spirit of fairness to the Black and disadvantaged that the scheme was aimed at.This is sheer daylight robbery by the BEEE fatcats.I am hoping somebody out there can intervene.

  • 11.2 is the worst i have be waiting for 7 years , u failled blacks like before .

  • Welkom Yizani is the biggest criminal group is S.A with the share price. They should be jailed for fraud for deceiving us poor. Naspers share of about R980.00 compared to the R10.00 they are offering us, Madiba will be devastated at this human injustice! Shame on you criiminals, rot in hell!

  • Disgusting disgraceful . Maybe Carte Blanche will give us honest feedback ..

  • I am very disappointed with these shares. My husband is retired at sixty six years and I am unemployed and was depending on this investment to help us out. Why are business people so heartless and without conscious. It is really sad to see that people do not have any moral and ethics anymore. The top executives walk away with millions why we ordinary people are idiots in trusting people like you to consider our needs.

    It is a disgrace and I will certainly do my best to contact whoever I can to ask for help with handling this situation.

  • Can somebody plzz set up a facebook page. We can’t le this tsotsi’s get away with this.

  • Please post all your complains to the
    JSE for them to investigate.They cannot get involved because they have nothing to work on.
    This is copied from the ANC and their president.So used to rob Theres poor because the poor don’t have a voice.We must suprise tham at Theres voting station next year.

  • Guys I just coplete a complain form at theJSE webside to investigate.This is eight years of our lives that these people are messing with.We cannot let them get away with it.They convince us to invest our money with them now after all these years with the share value standing at R900 They want to give us our R10 back,what a joke or insult.
    Go to JSE webside>open contact us>open querry form >complete form>submit form.

  • I am disappointed with Welcome Yizani, I have invested my money with them hoping for a change in my life when my payment comes up, but to my surprise, no payment, we were told to fax all our details that includes Bank details with the hope that is finally going to happen, to my surprise they also wanted your Tax number. A tax number for what R8 per share, you guys must get a life, not everybody is a fool, just do the honorable thing & pay our moneys.

  • Please advice as to how one goes about selling these Yizani media24 shares.

    1. We are not financial advisors but we know that at the prevailing level, selling the shares does not make sense. The only sensible thing is to hold on until something gives. Something has to give.

  • Hi Brain.
    What they are doing is to bulldoze shareholders by indirectly rob them of their money.
    Naspers share value stand at +- R600 if Welkom did not create their own platform Naspers
    was obliged to buy back our shares .
    One can truly say that Welkom Yizani is robbing us because the value of the shares was estimated at R50 and we receive a discount of R40 and can buy it at R10 each .Now they claim the R40 that we receive as discount and claim it as profit for themselves by paying back only R10.
    This is a ripoff.I wonder if we cannot laying a charge with the competition commision?

  • I was depending on this investment from 2006, i started recently on doing a follow up on this only to find out that i have been ripped off, once again the BEE has ripped us not only the poor but everyone that invested on this nonsense, it shows that we shall not trust anyone at all. why didnt they let us know that they’ve also extended from 5 yrs to 7 yrs, directors adds another 2 yrs to recover whats been lost. Once again am very dissapointed with South Africa. These people belong in jail for ripping us off like this.

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