Welkom Yizani BBBEE shares opens for trading

The Welkom Yizani shares are set to list on an over the counter (OTC) trading platform this morning, allowing investors who bought in to the Media 24 BBBEE scheme to trade on their shares. The listing also opens up space for new investors to come in.

All eyes will be on the price at which the Welkom Yizani shares will trade. Investors who went in at R10 per Welkom Yizani share will be hoping for pay day via a price that is far above R10.

When Welkom Yizani shares were launched in 2006 about 107 000 investors participated. They paid in R10 per Welkom Yizani shares but earned shares with fair value of about R50 per share. They were subsidised to the tune of R40 per share through Naspers loan funding.

As such the price of Welkom Yizani shares will be partly a function of how effective has the scheme serviced its debt and how much value has been created by the underlying asset, Media 24. The price should also reflect expectation of future dividend flow. Another critical factor will be the liquidity of the share, the volume of trading. The liquid, the more traders there are, the better for investors.

Welkom Yizani was established in 2006 to take a 15% stake in Media24, a print media bias business and subsidiary of globalising media giant Naspers. Media24 has produced fair financial performance over the years, which shows growth in profits and steady flow in dividends despite tough trading environment. In the year ended March 2013 Media 25 recorded

Most recently Welkom Yizani received an interim dividend of R141.5 million which will be shares among investors after attending to debt obligations. Previously, for the twelve months ended March 2013, Welkom Yizani declared a dividend of 27.9 cents.


  • MTN Zakhele take note: Within an hour of trade Welkom Yizani has already traded over 100 deals. The website is stable and responsive.

    This is good software design, simple and effective. There’s no automatic refreshing of the buy and sell orders, and no automatic refreshing of the share graph

  • what do I need to do if I want to sell now.

  • mathews lesiba meso

    i want to trade my shares what must i do?

  • I really am SO DAMN PISSED OFF!!! the Welkom Yizani Shares that are @ R17 a share… will this go up any further??NAspers are currently sitting @ round about R930,00 a share and currently Welkom Yizani on @ R15.00. This was REALLY not what i expected and a complete Ripoff!!!

    1. Remember that Welkom Yizani is not invested in Naspers but in a subsidiary called Media24 which largely houses South African print media assets. Naspers expansion over the years has meant that Its value is reflecting more of its non print and non South African operations. There is also the fact that Welkom Yizani investors came in at R10 per Welkom Yizani share and were borrowed R40 per share. As such the value you are seeing today also reflects debt in the structure. See the pieces in the following link and search for several others that explain how the scheme was done. https://www.ujuh.co.za/how-they-did-media24-welkom-yizani-bbbee-scheme/

  • How can this shares highest rate reach R19
    today after trading opened,7 years back this same shares you receivd R130.how can this be,something wrong here.

  • Claudette Van Rooi

    I agree with Admin posted at 4:45pm yesterday. My parent invested money they could ill-afford to part with but because 7 years back they could see decent return on their investment, they thought it couldn’t get worse. What a shock for a 60-odd year to realise that their money has gone down the drain. What complete and utter rubbish!!!!!!!!! I feel bad for them and everyone else that invested in the name of BEE. What a Joke!!!!!!

  • All Welkom Yizani should stop trading. This is ridiculous. We are obviously getting ripped off once again. Stop trading for a minimum of R20 per share.

  • I share the sentiment of the previous shareholders. In addition to the disappointing share price, personal details were incorrectly captured or omitted hence leaving us to still deal with completing forms needing to go through a process of verification before being able to trade. It took days before my banking details were updated on the system. It was only when I enquired again that effort was put into updating and verifying my details…at this stage, the share price had already dropped to R15. This delay caused us not being able to benefit from the opening share price. Someone has to take the responsibility for this administrative nightmare. I am totally disgusted buy all of this!!!

  • I want to know why did they ask for extension for another 2 years ,but still a crap payout. At least give us R150 to R200 per share.this shares has done worse that mtn whose term is not done yet.can someone share light or give us information on this matter.give us a better answer with a solution.be fair to us as south africans and investors.im very disappointed.

  • When you read the terms and conditions you will see that if anything goes wrong, no one can hold welkom yizani responsible. Share prices just hit a rock bottom low of R10 per share @ 10:45. Now everyone is getting rid of their shares so that they do not make any futher loss. Someone needs to awnser for this horrible drop in this 7 year investment.

  • Its @ R8.50 right now. We seriosly been taking for a RIDE!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT BEE???

  • An absolute rip-off. Makes one wonder whether our money was ever intended for investment, or rather to pay off some huge debt (over seven years). BEE, what a joke. Or rather, are we taken for a ride because we are ‘BEE”.

  • What happen to the dividends over the 7years that was allocated to the shareholders?

  • I am sharing the same views with concerned shareholders, how on earth you can invest money on shares for seven years in return just getting R20 per share. actually how does this BEE help black people, by ripping off their moneys is very bad. Please talk something from R150 per share upwards. When are poor black people going to be helped by this BEE?

  • I am a yizani shareholder. I have not received any divident pay back on my shares for as lon as i have them.I would like someone to get back to me as soon as possible as the call centre cannot assist me. I am also not happy with the treatment i have received being a shareholder.

  • I really wanna be out of this, that was fun of trade test to new ones.my problem is I’ve lost my share certificate because of migrating from one place to another and want to sell. My impact regarding BBBEE is that i need more decades to feel that.




  • I want to sell my shares now,my id number is …how much do they worth

  • Kekae Michael malose

    I want to sell my shares

  • Kekae Michael malose

    I want to sell my shares my I’d no

  • Why is the Shares so low.

    I invested R1000 in 2006 and their were no dramatic increase in my share since. I could’ve then invested in Multichoice. Massive pay out on a R400 investment.

    Who’s in charge? Are they competent to work with other people money..


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