Tsogo Sun join energy saving campaign, 49M

Hotels and casino operator Tsogo Sun has joined the 49M energy efficiency campaign thus pledging to cut its prevailing power consumption by at least 10%.

The Eskom campaign, 49M, is gaining momentum as the capacity in the national electricity grid has come under pressure threatening to bring back blackouts. The movement is also riding on the back of increased environmental consciousness while it can also deliver real benefits to the bottom line.

In a statement released yesterday Tsogo Sun which operates over 90 hotels and 14 casinos said it recognises its responsibility for the impacts it has on its surrounding communities and the environment in general. Rob Collins, Chief Marketing Officer at Tsogo Sun said “It’s a privilege for Tsogo Sun to demonstrate our commitment to the environment by pledging ourselves with 49M to a 10 percent reduction in energy usage.”

The group said electricity consumption at Tsogo Sun’s South African-owned properties decreased during the year by 3% to 252 million kWh. This was mainly due to the installation of energy-efficient lighting at properties, consumption measurement and behavioural change initiatives at the units. It has completed the replacement of element water heating systems with heat pump technologies.

Tsogo Sun said it has been working with Eskom since May 2006. In DSM1, involving hotels in the Western and Eastern Cape, the implementation of heat pumps, hot water demand control and efficient lighting resulted in 1MW demand saving and 6.5GWh energy saving. In DSM2, which saw the initiative rolled out to the rest of the group’s South African hotels, efficient lighting retrofits, involving changing incandescent lamps for compact florescent lamps, and hot water demand control saw a 2.77MW demand saving and 6.5GWh energy saving.

DSM 3 saw the element water heaters (boilers) at 39 hotels being replaced with heat pumps, bringing 4.2 MW demand savings and 14.4 GWh energy saving. Finally, DSM4 involved replacing all 35 and 50w diachronic down light lamps with 7w and 10w LED lamps throughout the Group’s hotels and casinos. This replacement was undertaken over two months and was successfully completed in the first week of December 2012, with 107 214 LEDs installed throughout all Tsogo Sun facilities nationally, resulting in annual energy savings of 23 911 MWh.

“From a baseline that was established using the April 2009 to March 2010 period, we have successfully achieved a saving of 12.8% or 19GWh,” said Collins. One of the most successful interventions implemented during this period has been the introduction of an energy dashboard throughout all hotels, which effectively measures and monitors energy demand and consumption, water consumption and LPG gas consumption, has analysis tools and also has a warning system, with a proactive alarm system that sends SMSs to maintenance managers and general managers of the properties.”

Collins said “We’re not resting on our laurels; we believe that with efficient energy management, we will meet the terms of the 49M pledge and reduce our energy consumption by a further 10 percent.”

Tsogo Sun will be focusing on behavioural changes to achieve this target. “Savings can only be sustainable when there is buy-in from employees, and eventually guests.


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