Transnet Freight Rail in MoU with Serbian firm KSI

Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) and Kirilo Savic Institute (KSI) from Serbia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) yesterday which aims to explore collaboration opportunities within the railway and transportation sector globally.

TFR CE Siyabonga Gama said the focus will be on market research in Europe and other parts which will include engineering and maintenance initiatives, technical assessments of equipment procured in Europe, load testing of bridges, testing of locomotives, innovation in the designing of workshops, designing and placements of rail crossings, substations as well as training and development. “This is a significant move by TFR as both parties intend to support these projects by providing state of art expertise and assistance. We will do this by facilitating our unique expertise and experience, access to the knowledge of our highly qualified and specialized business divisions”.

“The African continent is poised for an era of growth. Many of the countries projected show the world’s fastest economic growth is in Africa. This spells regional growth for SADC and a key prerequisite and vital enabler of growth is transportation. This MOU is ideally positioned to provide expertise to the Southern African rail and logistics systems”

Gama added that “This will assist TFR to achieve freight volume growth targets through modernised infrastructure and rolling stock fleet with world class technologies. It will also drive regional integration – particularly in Southern Africa and the Middle East in support of the Africa / International Business Strategy. The development of Private/Public Partnerships will spread risks and enable growth of local industry peripheral to the rail industry, promoting skills and job creation”.

“Transnet Freight Rail’s Technology Management has developed expertise in the specific areas of Vehicle / Track Interaction Technology; Mechanical Technology; Electrical technology; Traction Technology; Train Design Technology; Wheel sets and Material Technology; Train Authorization Technology; Communications Technology; Condition Assessment Technology; Traffic Management Technology; Track Technology; Configuration Management Technology and Integrated Railway Systems”

TFR said its partnership with KSI will lead to collective learning, coordinating and integrating multiple streams of technologies for delivery of value to the company. It is envisaged that KSI will share their expertise, facilities and knowledge to advance rail operation and technology beyond our own countries.  KSI moreover indicated that they will be offering scholarships and learning opportunities to TFR engineers to further enhance skills development.  This move is in line with Transnet’s Market Demand Strategy (MDS) and TFR’s aspirations of becoming one of the top five best railways in the world by 2019. TFR is currently re-organising its existing rail infrastructure and rolling stock in order to increase the reliability and safety of the railway network.

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