Then comes the young white man who speaks Tshivenda: Is it a sign?

Ujuh Reporter

A video of a young white man speaking Venda has gone viral on social media platforms with some saying its a sign that Julius Malema has been calling for.

TshiVhenda, which is spoken by about 1 million people, is generally considered a difficult language by many native South Africans. And so the appearance of a white man speaking fluent Venda comes as a phenomena of sort. It is one of the 11 South African languages spoken by a group largely based in the upper end of the northern province called Limpopo, on a corner that borders Zimbabwe. It is mother tongue to South Africa’s new President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Wikipedia characterises the the Vhavenda as of today as Vhangona, Masingo and others. “Vhangona are the original inhabitants of Venda, they are also referred as Vhongwani wapo; while Masingo and others are originally from the Congo and the East African Rift, migrating across the Limpopo riverduring the Bantu expansion.”

They are said to be “descendants of many heterogeneous groupings and clans such as:

  • Dzindou dza Hakhomunala Mutangwe / Dzatshamanyatsha
  • Dzindou dza Vharundwa / Dza Mitshetoni /Dza Manenzhe
  • Vhafamadi;
  • Vhadau;
  • Vhakwevho;
  • Vhambedzi;
  • Vhafamadi;
  • Vhania;
  • Vhagoni;
  • Vhalea;
  • Vhaluvhu;
  • Vhatavhatsindi;
  • VhaMese
  • Vhatwanamba;
  • Vhanzhelele/Vhalembethu;
  • VhaDzanani
  • Vhanyai;
  • Vhalaudzi;
  • Masingo; and
  • Vhalemba.
  • Runganani(marungadzi nndevhelaho)

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