The next time you take an Uber trip, ask your driver: How’s business?


The next time you take an Uber trip, ask your driver: How’s business?

If you’re nice enough and have the trust effect on people that makes them open and honest, you’re most likely to get a stock answer:

“Its tough. The amount of Uber cars has increased and the trips we do on a daily basis have dropped while the fare remains the same and has been dropped on occasion. We are struggling to make ends meet.”

The recent steep rises in fuel prices have not helped the situation.

Uber seems to have heard the cries of its drivers.  The company company has announced a couple of initiatives to ease the financial pressure of drivers. These include the most recent move to raise the minimum fare for uberX rides in South Africa from R20.00 to R25.00. Uber South Africa has also recently introduced tips -gratuity pays- through prompts at the end of the trip that asks the rider whether they want to tip the driver.

On announcing this increase Uber noted that “As more drivers look to Uber as an earning opportunity, this small increase will still make it possible for riders to access affordable transport whilst providing profitable earnings for driver-partners.”

Uber said the hike is motivated by the need to “provide reliable earning opportunities for driver-partners and a reliable service”

“To show our appreciation and recognition of our driver-partners’ loyalty, we are currently rolling out a pilot Tiered Service fee. The more trips completed by a driver-partner and the higher their rating, the lower their weekly Uber service fee is.

“Driver-partners throughout Johannesburg are also benefiting from hourly guarantees and fuel incentives that were introduced as a means of protecting driver-partner earnings during periods of lower demand.”

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