SuguLab: A new initiative to support entrepreneurs in West Africa is launched

Ujuh Reporter
A Malian based entrepreneurship support initiative, Suguba/SuguLab, is expanding intom the wider West African region with a particular focus on Francophone areas and mainly Mali, Cote d’Ivoire and Sénégal.
SuguLab was launched by Suguba, a Malian-based platform that fosters entrepreneurship and regional integration. Suguba aims to become the first sustainable, regionally connected network of locally-run communities, workspaces and programs.
Suguba co-founder Issam Chleuh said: “Suguba’s vision is to support and scale the impact of SMEs and entrepreneurs across Francophone West Africa.”
Zabbaan from Mali and Aywajieune from Senegal are the first two start-ups participating in SuguLab.
SuguLab will assist companies that are legally registered, that have a minimum of 2 years of existence and have an innovative business model with strong job creation potential that aims to provide a solution for the poor. Whether you are trying to identify potential investors, expand to a new market or raise financing, SuguLab will assist. Focus will be on SME’s with founders aged 40 and below, that are confronted to a specific challenge.
Entrepreneurs and SMEs in West African countries such as Mali, Senegal and Cote d’Ivoire play a pivotal role in driving economic growth, creating jobs, and engineering solutions to various development challenges. However, there is a lack of access to expertise, advisory support, networks, and financial resources needed to start new ventures. The key gap is sustainability and replicability of the SMEs while at the same time, capacity-building services for SMEs in the region are scarce and rarely sustainable.
Suguba co-founder Fayelle Ouane said: “We will use our deep investor network, our investing experience and our general management experience to enable you to accelerate your performance.
“Once we receive your specific goal and gather initial information about your company, we will develop a targeted and personalized program for you. We will be available to interact regularly to follow up on the plan we will have developed and check on progress. The collaboration will end once the milestone has been reached.”

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