Shoprite’s 2018 youth training programme: How it works


The Shoprite Group has launched the 2018 edition of its student training programme titled Retail Readiness and designed to help young people penetrate the retail sector as skilled employees and entrepreneurs.

The programme is targeted at youths, aged 18-29 years, and offers them 8-week training programme. Participants receive an NQF-level 3 qualification.

Shopririte says since the programme’s inception in  2016, a total of 8 688 young people have been employed in Shoprite or Checkers stores. It would have reached a total of 12 000 beneficiaries at the end of this year’s edition.

The current training block will end on 22 June. The next one is expected to kick off in July 2018 and applications are still open.

Moga Pillay, the Group’s spokesperson on skills development, said South Africans with matric can apply for the programme at our recruitment hubs in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.”

“This programme is a direct challenge to the crippling effects of youth unemployment. More than half of young South Africans are unemployed. It also enables us to improve on the quality of recruits filling vacancies at our stores, since those who have completed the programme have a good understanding of how our business works and the factors that influence our profitability.”

Pillay says those who are not absorbed into the Group’s workforce have the necessary basic skills to start their own business or to be employed elsewhere in the retail sector.

Participants of the programme are provided with the basic  business principles to understand the financial, legal and business requirements of setting up and running a small to medium enterprise in conjunction with a large retailer.

Three weeks of theory is followed by five weeks of in-store training in various departments like the deli, bakery, as well as fruit and vegetables. Participants are paid a weekly stipend during their time in the store.

Shoprite’s implementation partner is OMNI HR Consulting, which not only presents the classes (in the first three weeks), but also ensures that a workplace coach is on-hand during in-store training.

How to apply

To apply for this opportunity, dial *120*446# and follow the prompts (network rates apply) or visit The training opportunity is at present only available in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

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