Shanduka awards honours three Durban businesses

The Shanduka Black Umbrellas inaugural enterprise development awards honored three Durban businesses which are making the most difference in employment creation within the incubation programme.

Taking top honours in the Jobs Created category was Sanele Gcumisa of Ocule IT. Thando Nyameni of Bethatainment won for Best Performing Company (based on profit generated and net asset value) while Hlengiwe Majola of Gebhuza Security was named Best SBU Ambassador.

Shanduka Black Umbrellas launched the enterprise development awards this month to reward those businesses in its programme which are making a difference and creating employment. Shanduka is a not for profit organisation initiated by Cyril Ramaphosa’s investment entity Shanduka Group.

Ocule IT, run by Sanele Gcumisa, has been operating since 2009 and offers software development and technical support services.

Bhethatainment is a thriving entertainment company that includes a record label as well as an events management operation. The company, which was started three years ago by Thando Nyameni, focuses primarily on recordings and events but has included a photography and videography division. “I think we have a lot to offer. I am an artist and performer myself so I understand what people go through. I was inspired to start my own business because I was tired of being exploited and seeing other people being exploited,” says Nyameni.

Hlengiwe Majola is the woman behind Gebhuza Security which provides the gamut of security services – everything from the stationing of guards at commercial, industrial and residential premises to the installation and monitoring of electronic surveillance and alarm systems. The company also assists with crowd control and marshaling services and has VIP protection and body guarding units.

Majola says she would advise anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur to believe in their dream and never give up because hard work pays off: “Generally young people have a perception that success is achievable overnight, disregarding the fact that most successful companies have been in the industry for a long time.”

SBU CEO Mark Frankel says “South Africa desperately needs those individuals who have what it takes to create and establish a sustainable business to choose the path of entrepreneurship. It is an incredibly difficult journey to undertake and hard for anyone who has not done so to understand the challenges one has to face and the sacrifices required. The ED Awards provide an opportunity to acknowledge the bravery and determination of our clients within the SBU incubators, express our gratitude for choosing SBU as their business development partner, and celebrate their achievements in the time they have been with us.”

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