Sasol reshuffles executive responsibilities

Petrochemicals giant Sasol is set to refine its Group Executive Committee (GEC) in what the group said was part of a move to improve operational productivity.

Sasol announced on Friday last week a reshuffling of responsibilities in its GEC and said the changes will be effective from 1 July 2014.

The most significant change appears to be around Nolitha Fakude who has been a Sasol director from 2005. The announcement said Fakude currently has accountability for the Sustainability and Business Transformation portfolio.

“From 1 July 2014, Ms Fakude will be directly accountable for the Sustainability and Human Resources portfolio comprising the following Group functions: Human Resources; Public and Regulatory Affairs; Safety, Health and Environment; and Shared Services (South Africa)”.

In the context of the new GEC structure, Ms Fakude will assume accountability for Sasol’s Safety, Health & Environment function, and will relinquish accountability for the Strategy function”.

Sasol added that “While the detailed design work of Sasol’s new operating model continues to progress, the Board approved the new GEC structure to align the company’s top management structure with its new operating platform during a six-month transition phase.”

With effect from 1 July 2014, the GEC will consist of the following portfolios reporting to the Sasol President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr D E Constable:

  • Executive Vice President: Upstream and Business Enablement (Mr C F Rademan)
  • Executive Vice President: Southern African Operations (Mr BE Klingenberg)
  • Executive Vice President: International Operations (vacant)
  • Executive Vice President: Energy Business (Mr M Radebe)
  • Executive Vice President: Chemicals Business (Mr F R Grobler)
  • Chief Financial Officer (Mr P Victor, currently acting)
  • Executive Vice President: Sustainability and Human Resources (Ms V N Fakude)
  • Executive Vice President: Technology (vacant)
  • Executive Vice President: Advisory and Assurance, who is also the Company Secretary of Sasol Limited (Mr V D Kahla)
  • Executive Vice President: Strategy, Development and Planning (Mr E Oberholster)

Sasol said “At its 2013 year-end results announcement on 9 September 2013, Sasol confirmed its intention to maintain its focus on improving operational productivity, while designing an effective operating model for the Group, as part of its group-wide business performance enhancement programme.

The programme aims to address both organisational complexity and cost creep at Sasol to ensure the company’s long-term effectiveness and competitiveness.

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