Sasol Inzalo Public share price is stuck at R95.00 per share

Ujuh Reporter

The share price of Sasol Inzalo Public (SIPBEE) seem to be stuck at R95,00 per share after a brief excitement that lifted them from about R40.00 towards the end of last year. The problem seems to be death of liquidity, lack of demand for the share and therefore no trading activity.

Last years excitement which lifted the share from about R40 to the current levels coincided with the announcement of Sasol’s new plans for its flopping 10 years old B-BBEE investment scheme -Sasol Inzalo. The scheme, scheduled to wind up this year, remained under water after 10 years of under-performance and so Sasol had to come up with new plans to save face. The petrochemicals giant has proposed to come up with a new scheme called Sasol Khanyisa in order to make up for the lost Sasol Inzalo opportunity.

The brief excitement of the Sasol Inzalo Public share price coincided with announcement and processing of this new plan by the market. This may have caused a brief rise in demand in the share price which gave it a boost. That excitement has faded as the share hasn’t been trading for a long time. Its been stuck at R95.00 per share since the beginning of May.

Many of the investors are getting agitated and are calling for Sasol to come up with a better plan of saving the B-BBEE scheme.

Sasol Inzalo Public shares which are coded as SIPBEE must not be confused with Sasol Inzalo BEE Ordinary (SOLBE1) whose share price movements is captured in the following article:

Sasol Inzalo BEE ordinary shares fall to levels below R300 per share from above R400



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