Renewed development agency for Gauteng

A lot is expected from the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA), which emerged out of a merger between GEDA and Blue IQ to form what promises to be a super development stimulant.

The GGDA was unveiled last week with a promise to turn up the volume of government led intervention in industrial development.

GGDA acting CEO of, Siphiwe Ngwenya, said the agency plans to expand meaningful partnerships with both the public and private sector.

Speaking at a stakeholder event, Ngwenya said GGDA “Our projects fall within the Gauteng economic priority sectors and have objectives that can act as economic enablers in stimulating the economy – in other words, filling the gaps that are not currently exploited by the private sector due to the lack of infrastructure or commercial viability, but which have the potential – through government intervention – to attract participation and growth.”

“These projects are initially solely funded by us and then exited once they become commercially viable. In some cases, we partner with the Private Sector on projects that have a sustainable commercial and economic benefit and we use the typical Private and Public Partnerships (PPP) platform to achieve this.”

The Gauteng Growth and Development Agency has a number of subsidiaries in the innovation, heritage and advanced manufacturing sectors. “But we do not limit our focus to these sectors,” said Ngwenya. “Some of Gauteng’s most pioneering projects started out at Blue IQ and GEDA and have added tremendous value to the province,“ he added.

Gauteng’s MEC for Economic Development, Nkosiphendule Kolisile, described the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency as the hands and feet of government. He urged all the subsidiaries and people within the agency to stay close to the daily challenges faced by the ordinary man on the street. “Unemployment is a national emergency. Poverty and inequality are not removed from your work, rather the work of the GGDA must be done always with these challenges in mind.”

Gauteng Growth and Development Agency is currently working on a number of projects which Ngwenya described as “carefully researched, viable projects that will improve our people, our planet and our province”.  The agency also plays a trade and investment facilitation role and recently opened the Gauteng Investor Centre, which was conceived to serve as a business services centre and a ‘one-stop’ shop for potential investors.

Active projects of the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency include:

  • The development of the Tshwane Auto City concept. Working closely with key stakeholder, the City of Tshwane, this concept could establish Rosslyn as a new vehicle assembly capital and the biggest multi-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) development region in the country.
  • The Tambo Inland Port project, which will improve competitiveness and promote the ease of doing business.
  • The automotive sector will receive a massive boost from the establishment of a new business incubator and simulation facility at Nissan South Africa, as well as from the addition of further infrastructure at the already successful Automotive Supplier Park. This Park is also working towards achieving the status of a Special Economic Zone, which will bring further benefits to potential exporters.
  • The extension of the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency’s successful clustering model to the aviation industry with the establishment of the Centurion Aviation Village.
  • Constitution Hill – a beacon of heritage and pride – has plans to develop a Justice Precinct and the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory on the site.
  • The Climate Innovation Centre and Biosciences Park are extensions of the strides made by subsidiary company, The Innovation Hub, which has pioneered a number of inventive ways for Gauteng to embrace a green economy.
  • The Awesome (for Alternate Waste Energy) project, aims to find alternative sources of energy from waste in the province.

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