Presidency responds to message from business leaders

This statement was issued by the Presidency 

 The Presidency has noted reports on an advertisement put out by business CEOs and chairs of companies in their individual capacities over the weekend on the state of the country and the economy.

The Presidency welcomes inputs into the discussions on how to build the economy and in particular ensure labour absorbing growth that will take us further in dealing with poverty, inequality and unemployment.

It was against this background that President Zuma convened in October, a high level dialogue on the economy with of NEDLAC constituents – government, business, labour and the community sector.

The constituents were led by the Presidents of Business Unity South Africa, the Black Business Council, Cosatu, Fedusa and Nactu; and the overall convenor of the community constituency at Nedlac.  The parties considered the domestic economic situation as well as pressures from the global slowdown and took several decisions which are being implemented. They established a two-aside working committee to work further on the issues agreed upon.

The President will convene the high level dialogue soon and trusts that the views raised in the advert will also be shared when the next meeting of the High Level Dialogue on the Economy takes place, in the interests of taking South Africa forward.

The President and government remain open to discussions with business at any given time because building South Africa is a collective responsibility and all sectors have an important role to play.

The President will continuously engage business in the New Year as this sector is critical to the imperative of growing the economy and creating jobs and a better life for all. They are also critical to the implementation of the National Development Plan, developed by the National Planning Commission which was established by President Zuma in 2009.

 Issued by the Presidency


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