Owner Driver Empowerment Platform – How does it work?

Free Advertising: Special offer for a limited period

The Owner Driver Empowerment Platform is not an employment agency but a promotional hub that host useful information alongside opportunities to advertise your business to relevant people in the transport and logistics industry. 

The Owner Driver Empowerment Platform is designed to create an online market where small to medium sized players in the transport and logistics market can interact.

The platform stands as an online ecosystem for small transport and logistics firms and owner-drivers. It does not only support existing players through promotion and sharing of useful information but is also designed to guide aspirant individuals who wish to enter the market.

South Africa’s owner-driver model is failing: How can it be fixed?

The platform also serves to connect big players (the corporate sector) with small players to facilitate black economic empowerment (BEE) and general development in the sector.

Alongside the opportunity to list (advertise) your business on our platform, we achieve our broader objectives by interrogating and capturing useful industry trends like asset finance, technological developments and industry innovation.

How to become part of the Owner Driver Empowerment Platform ecosystem

  • List Your Jobs and Vehicle

You can list your service on our interactive and intelligent promotional database.

The list is anchored on a dynamic online listing tool that captures mini and sharp profiles of small and medium sized players in the transport and logistics industry.

The listing tool allows users to sift through the list with efficiency. Users can organise their view by:

  • Region (Town)
  • Size and Type of Vehicle
  • Service Preference,
  • Status

How to List

Jobs are listed for free. We are currently running a special offer where vehicle owners can also list for a free. Outside the special offer our fees are as follows:

Pay a small listing fee of: Free advertising for a limited period

Type 6 Months Listing Fee 12 Months Listing Fee
Less than 1 ton R350. 00 R650. 00
1 – 4 tons R450. 00 R800. 00
More than 4 tons R600. 00 R1000. 00

To be listed you need to do the following three things:

  1. Pay the applicable fee (See bank details below)
  2. Send us proof of payment by email to: ownerdriver@ujuh.co.za  0r news@ujuh.co.za
  3. Send us details of the vehicle as follows
  • Make of the vehicle
  • Size of the vehicle
  • Your Location: Province and town
  • Service Preference: What market are you targeting?
  • Status of your business (Informal Owner Driver; Formal Registered Business; Your BBBEE Status if you have one and size of your business

Our Banking Details

Name of Business Account: VLA-VLA Urban Movement

Bank: FNB

Account Number: 62387087242

Type Account: Cheque Account

Branch Code: 250655

Please state your reference number in the following order: ODEP: Name of Your Business

You can contact us at ownerdriver@ujuh.co.za or news@ujuh.co.za