OneDayOnly online shopping craze grips South Africa

SATopShopsThe South African retail sector is increasingly coming under the grip of the OneDayOnly online shopping craze.Wherever you venture in social circles, more and more people are talking about great deals they’ve had from the online shop, OneDayOnly.

They are sure giving the old hands, in the retail sector, a good run for their money. The old and dominant retailers, anchored on bricks and mortar trading places, are coming under pressure as more and more South Africans take to online trading.

Retailers like Woolworths, Pick n Pay, Makro, are themselves moving onto the online space to join a growing number of specialised traders like Takealot and Superbalist who are eating into their market share.

OneDayOnly is adding to the pressure. Mainstream retailers are feeling it. Some mainstream retailers, like Makro, have come up with their own versions of one-day-only specials.

But OneDayOnly is the real thing when it comes to slashing prices.

How does it work?

OneDayOnly explains that “They get hold of a product, slash its price and then offer it to you for OneDayOnly.”

And “You’ve got 24 hours to take advantage of our generosity and then the deal is gone forever.”

They deal a wide range of products from electronics, gadgets, cosmetics and sport and lifestyle items and they claim that their product come at “the lowest price you will find in South Africa.”

How do they do it?

They say “We have busy little buyers who are working daily with international brands to bring you the lowest possible offer price.”

How do they alert you?

“Simple,” they say. “We offer a few great ways to stay up to date.

“You’ll get daily updates and be amongst the first to hear about our insane deals.

“First and foremost there’s our email newsletter. It’s the full experience with one difference: you don’t have to visit our website. Sign up and forget about it. Until tomorrow morning when you’ll get our first email. You’ll find the subscription form at the left of most pages.

“Don’t want to receive our daily email? Fine. Surely (don’t call me Shirley) you’re on Facebook? Well, become a fan and stay up to date!

And they are on Twitter  as well.


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