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South Africa’s Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) can now secure intelligent web presence at a fraction of the normal price courtesy of a new African focused partnership between local web developer, Freedom Studios and a UK based technology specialist

This partnership translates into an ability to create and run a descent website for R75/month for individuals and R150/month for small businesses which are also looking for some e-commerce features. Web presence has become a  business fundamental for enterprises with ambitions of linking their fortunes to globalised trade.

The partnership sees the UK’s creator of self-build website tools for small businesses, lending its expertise to Freedom Studio’s new venture into the market called Berrry. BaseKit is powering Berrry to offer a version of its “drag and drop” website building tools. The companies said in an announcement the BaseKit design and editing features which will be available to Berrry users will mean businesses can create sites without having to enlist expensive external help from web designers.

Freedom Studios founder Graham Holtshausen said “We chose to partner with BaseKit as its platform is streets ahead of any other website builder or tools that we have considered. It is a professional, user friendly and intuitive platform with just enough features to make it really useful, yet not so many that it loses its simplicity.”

BaseKit vice president of sales, David Meers, said “This is a particularly significant partnership for us as it marks an expansion into a new continent and opens up a sizeable opportunity as small businesses across Africa scramble to get a web presence and maximise the benefits of doing business online.

“We think that Freedom Studios’ Berrry offering is a truly exciting one because it puts the power back in the hands of small enterprises and allows them to create and manage sites that suit their needs as they grow. We believe that this partnership is going to be instrumental in getting thousands of new and existing small businesses in South Africa online at a monthly price that is affordable.”

The company statement noted that recent findings from the FinScope South Africa Small Business Survey indicate that, during 2010, there were about 5,5 million small business owners in South Africa owning about 5,9 million entities. “The Berrry service will enable these small businesses to create their own websites both cost-effectively and within minutes”.

Founded in 2008, BaseKit said it now works with over 40 of the world’s biggest webhosts, telecommunications firms and technology providers to deliver its technology.

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