MWEB satellite internet gains speed

MWEB Business said it has enhanced its satellite Internet connectivity service to give  give people living and working outside South Africa’s metropolitan areas faster Internet access.

MWEB launched the service last year at limited speeds of up to 4Mbps.The company said “Now, MWEB Business VSAT is also available in an up to 10Mbps option, giving users of the service the same high-end speeds available to ADSL users in the cities”.

“This will be of tremendous benefit to business users in outlying areas. It means many of the Cloud-type services which are all but impossible to use productively at slower access rates now become viable for businesses in even the most remote regions,” said Kris Desmet, Head of Product at MWEB Business.

According to Desmet, demand for the VSAT service has been particularly high from the mining, construction, engineering retail and education sectors, as well as game lodges and farmers.

“Interestingly, we have also been experiencing demand from businesses on the periphery of the major metropolitan areas as well as in smaller towns many of whom use it as a viable failover to their fixed line service. The fact that the VSAT system also operates effectively using solar power is also proving invaluable to businesses in areas with unreliable, or non-existent, access to the national power grid,” he adds.

MWEB said as was the case with the up to 4Mbps VSAT service, subscribers to the 10Mbps VSAT service can choose to ‘hard cap’ their bundle, in which case the service will be halted once the bundle has reached its limit. Alternatively, they can opt to continue to receive service at an out-of-bundle rate once they exceed their bundle limit. The equipment required to utilise the service, including the satellite dishes, can be leased or purchased outright.

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