Mondi celebrates sustainability award

Mondi, the international packaging and paper group, is celebrating the Nedbank Capital sustainable business award.

Mondi was this week named as the winner of the “Sustainable Business – Sector Category”.

Mondi Group CE David Hathorn said “I am very proud of this award. At Mondi, it has always been our view that actions speak louder than words. So, with sustainable development an integral part of our business, this award is testament to our ongoing commitment in this regard”.

The group said it has been recognised as a Sector Category winner in three areas of its work:

–       Mondi Wetlands Programme: Mondi has taken a leading role in promoting the awareness, better management and protection of wetlands and the rehabilitation of damaged or degraded wetlands. It does so through its 20-year old partnership with the Mondi Wetland Programme (MWP) – A conservation partnership between WESSA and WWF. As such, Mondi continues to minimize the impact of its plantations and forestry activities on the environment. Together with these NGOs and other research bodies, it helps protect vulnerable ecosystems such as indigenous forests, wetlands and grasslands, and limits any degradation of natural resources.

–       Renewable energy efficiencies and usage: Mondi’s climate change policy considers both the consequences and mitigation of climate change, not only in regard to our business and our business environment, but also in respect of our communities. As a mitigating measure and a commitment to lowering its carbon footprint, Mondi (1) responsibly measures and manages its carbon footprint and (2) conducts sustainable forest management practices, including afforestation, reforestation and the use of low-carbon footprint forest products.

–       Mondi’s family of Green Range products The Green Range is Mondi’s umbrella brand for packaging and paper solutions that are part of the Group’s drive to become more eco-efficient. The products are optimised to save natural resources and reduce waste, and are certified accordingly by internationally recognised bodies for their sustainability. The product family also promotes environmentally preferred purchasing and provides support for Mondi’s customers in their efforts to be more environmentally responsible.

Mondi said this award celebrates its commitment to sustainable business through its ongoing investment in the management and preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity, its effective management of renewable energy, and in the manufacturing of value-adding innovative products that meet customer demand in a responsible, sustainable way.

As such, Mondi remains committed to creating long-term value for its stakeholders by transforming renewable resources into innovative product solutions that meet customer needs in a responsible, cost-effective and sustainable way.

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