Mining stakeholders commit to work together


Government, organised labour and business on Friday  14 June 2013 committed to continue to work together to ensure sustainability of the mining sector for the future of South Africa’s economy.

The parties recognise that the mining industry is central to South Africa’s economy and job creation as well as the need to strengthening the mining sector in these difficult global economic conditions.

A draft framework agreement is being considered by all parties and is expected to be signed by 26 June 2013. Some of the key areas requiring immediate attention by all parties to place the mining industry on a sustainable footing are:

  • Ensuring law and order and ending violence and conflict;
  • Bringing about changes required for peaceful and sustained development for decades;
  • Repositioning the mining industry to become attractive to investors and more meaningful contributor to job creation; and
  • Responding to the immediate economic situation.
  • Identifying long term policy measures including uncertainty in sector regulations and tax policy.
  • Accelerating the implementation of human settlement intervention to ensure that there is proper housing for mineworkers; and
  • Attending to the problem of high levels of indebtedness of mineworkers;

All parties will work jointly to identify sustainable support measures required for the sector.

Government will ensure that the legislative and regulatory programmes provide predictability and certainty for the mining industry.

Government will undertake an assessment of economic and social conditions in surrounding and labour sending areas.

Government will also take steps to prevent abuse of workers by unscrupulous micro-lenders including reviewing regulations around salary deductions and garnishee orders.

Parties recognise the necessity for proper implementation and co-ordination combined with monitoring and evaluation of agreed deliverables.

The parties agreed to meet over the next twelve months on a quarterly basis or as frequently as required under the leadership of the Deputy President to ensure common action to address blockages and new issues as they arise.






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