Meek and sweetheart BMF will not deliver economic revolution: Manyi

BMF President Jimmy Manyi sent a passionate letter to the organisation’s members in preparing to  hand over power in October. Here follows the letter. 

Our 2012 Annual General Meeting is scheduled to take place at Gallagher Estate in Gauteng on 3 October 2012. The Notice of the M

eeting will be circulated by the Managing Director to members of the BMF in due course.

The 2012 AGM will most importantly elect a new President and Deputy President for the 2013/2015 Term. In this regard, the Board had resolved at its June 2012 meeting that the process be open to discussion and lobbying in accordance with the following suggested guidelines, known as the three step approach:

1.      What kind of BMF do the members desire?

2.      The type of Leadership that is required to drive the proposed strategy.

3.      To propose nominations for the leadership positions, in accordance with the above points and in-line with the BMF’s Articles of Association.

The Board further resolved that members should be cautioned not to disparage any BMF member during the nomination process in order to avoid the grievance ordisciplinary processes being instituted.

In view of the above, the Provincial Leadership of the BMF is requested to convene Provincial General Members Meetings to provide members with an opportunity to robustly discuss the process, the guidelines and nominate suitable members for these important leadership positions.

Needless to say that the succession deliberations and identification of suitable leaders for the BMF should be an informed and reality debate, taking into account the BMF’s recent successes:

·         The BMF’s resolution on the establishment of the BEE Commission has been adopted by Government and is currently in draft Bill phase; it will soon be presented to Parliament.

·         The BMF’s call for the non-proliferation of Charters has been heeded by the country.

·         The BMF successfully championed  the total pull out by all credible black organisations from artificial and disempowering so-called Business Unity SA (BUSA)

·         The BMF’s efforts has resulted in a historic re-establishment of Black Business Council (BBC)

·         The BMF now has a funded Policy and Research Desk.

·         The BMF has attained record strategic anchor partnerships and loyal platinum sponsors.

·    The overwhelming attendance and participation by BMF Members, Corporates and Government including the President of RSA, at BMF events attests to the ever growing credibility of the BMF Brand.

With regard to the challenges of the BMF, it needs to be considered that a meek and sweetheart BMF will not deliver a favourable economic revolution and that we need a more than ever radical and unapologetic BMF.  Particularly, we need a BMF that can stand its ground in the environment of assimilation and co-option, to address amongst others:

    • Black ownership of the JSE which is less than 3% nett equity
    • Land distribution is still hovering around 20%
    • Executive management is still more than 70% white male.
    • Window dressing (fancy job titles with no job content) and Fronting.
    • Perennial  Inequality, shocking poverty and particularly youth unemployment.

As my retirement as BMF President is firmly on the horizon and I will soon be joining the ranks of Past Presidents, my desire is that we as Retired Leaders of the BMF whereas we should continue to be concerned with the affairs of BMF, But  must mainly support and have the confidence and trust that the BMF members and those elected to lead the organisation have the requisite dynamism, competence and passion for the BMF to do the right thing.

No matter how strongly I feel about matters, I undertake not to seek to rule from the grave and will not interfere with the running of the BMF and in particular the incoming Presidency…You can hold me to that!

Notwithstanding the challenges that lie ahead, I am enthusiastic and excited about the future of the BMF.

Kind regards

Jimmy Manyi. ( Mbamba, Krila, Thangana , Rhaso , Bhodlinja !!)

President of the Black Management Forum

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