Mandela’s solid gold hands sell for $10 million in incredible deal


A set of four solid golden castings of Nelson Mandela’s hands are said to have sold for $10 million (about R120 million) in Canada, Ontario, in what appears to be a continued exploitation of Madiba’s stature as one of the noblest and greatest statesman of all history.

The $10 million deal emerged yesterday wrapped in incredible detail with bitcoins and cryptocurrency exchanges. A lot of it sounds like a hyped up effort.

Nelson Mandela golden fist

The seller is a South African expatriate, Malcolm Duncan, who settled in Canada. The buyer is an Ontario-based cryptocurrency exchange called The Board of Arbitrade.

Duncan is reported to have bought the four pieces of Mandela’s solid gold castings from Harmony Gold in the early 2000s for about R3.6 million. It’s reported that Harmony Gold golden casted 27 sets of Mandela’s two open palms, right and left, and two fisted hands which represents the Amandla (power to the people cry).

These pieces are reported to be the last of such pieces after the 26 others were destroyed. Harmony is said to have made 27 sets, each representing a year that Mandela spent in jail. Duncan bought a set that stands for 1964 and 1990, the year’s in which Mandela was incarcerated and released from prison by the apartheid regime.

Duncan is quoted saying Mandela ordered the other pieces to be destroyed on the back of proliferation of illegal artefacts around his name. This claim has not been verified.

The $10 million price is set to be settled in bitcoins which will be translated in cash in the bank before the set is delivered to its new owners.

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