Is Pick n Pay piloting an entry into the cafe/restaurant market


Could Pick n Pay be quietly piloting an entry into the fast food/restaurant market with an initiative called Fat Cat Café which is shaping up in Centurion, Pretoria?

There are convincing signs that the retailing giant might be doing this pilot. But then it could just be an enterprising Pick n Pay franchise owner who is endorsing a broader revenue maximisation trend amongst mainstream South African retailers. Major grocery retailers have been expanding their traditional revenue base into other complimentary but artisanal areas of business like butchery, bakery, pharmacy, seafood, liquor shops etc.

Woolworths does host a growing number of cafes in its portfolio and geared up last year into a new café brand called Now Now.

The Fat Cat Café, located next a Pick n Pay outlet in the Blu Valley Mall, The Reeds, fits perfectly into this trend. The trend is serious enough to have caused an inquiry by the Competition Commission. The Commission is out to understand “the impact of the expansion, diversification and consolidation of national supermarket chains on small and independent retailers”

The Fat Cat/Pick n’ Pay association is a bit grey. At first glance you won’t really pick it up. But a closer look at the uniform won by Fat Cat Café workers reveals a Pick n Pay logo. And if you’re observant enough you’ll notice the link in the Fat Cat Café logo. Its font and design says I’m Pick n Pay. The receipt features a PnP. And if you ask the staff members, they tell you that Fat Cat Café is owned by Pick n’ Pay. As far as they are concerned they work for Pick n Pay.

Fat Cat Café serves a variety of meals from Breakfasts to Lunch and Dinner type meals. It features a comprehensive list of light meals, sweets and specialised drinks.

It’s not clear how many of these Fat Cat Cafés exist. But a google search suggests that there is only one. And judging by the price of Breakfast and Lunch we paid on the two occasions we visited the Fat Cat, the outlet is competitively priced. It competes to be one of the most reasonably priced restaurants in town.

In the interest of fairness we have sent a right of reply alert to Pick n Pay.

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