Housing for middle to low income earners

SA Home Loans has entered the affordable housing market in a move that might the address the gap in the market of people earning less than R18000.

SA home Loans is positioned as South Africa’s largest non-bank specialist home loan provider. In entering the affordable housing market, the financier is addressing serious market failure that has caused millions in the middle market to be “homeless”.

This failure has long been identified by authorities but little has come in the way of addressing it. The market failure excludes middle income earners who do not qualify for RDP housing and also earn below the benchmark that is attractive for private home builders. This has caused government to launch a R1bn guarantee fund to address the gap.

“We’re delighted to announce our entry into this fast growing market,” said SA Home Loans Chief Executive Kevin Penwarden. “Now, lower income earners have access to the same innovative, consumer friendly approach to mortgage lending that’s helped more than 150 000 individuals and families purchase their own homes.”

Penwarden said affordable housing was a major segment of the South African housing market, with properties valued between R250 000 and R500 000 making up more than a quarter of all registered residential properties.

“Despite this, there remains a massive shortage of decent affordable housing. This demand has not been matched by a similar appetite in the provision of end-user finance by home loan providers, so we’re confident that our entry improves not only the scope, but also the quality of choice available to lower income buyers.”

He said SA Home Loans was mindful of the fact that many lower income buyers find it extremely difficult to save up for the large deposits required for many mortgages, SA Home Loans is offering 100 percent loans to qualifying customers, with a 20 year term variable interest rate loan. It has also reduced its minimum property size to take into account smaller properties.

Penwarden acknowledged that affordable housing carried a stigma of higher risk, making fund-raising a challenging exercise. “Nevertheless, we have leveraged our fund raising expertise and managed to secure sufficient funding to make us a sizeable player in the affordable housing space. More importantly, our funding structure ensures that we will be in this market for the long term.

“Our competitors make much of the fact that providing loans for affordable housing plays a crucial role in nation-building by allowing more of our citizens to get onto the property ownership ladder.

“We take this as a given and aim to treat them as we would any other customer. Our research and experience has shown us that home buyers, whether they’re in the market for a R250 000 starter house or a R5 million home, want to be treated with openness, friendliness and respect.”

“With our entry into the affordable housing market, we’re looking forward to sharing the stories of a whole new generation of customers as they tell us how excited they are about owning their first home,” Penwarden said.


  • Good day

    I am sure you guys get a lot of people e-mailing and phone calls. But please this is not a spam I really need your help and urgently.

    We have sold our house about 2 years ago, we bought a vacant stand, we dreamed of building our dream house on the vacant stand please note: I don’t want a big house all that I am asking is a 3 bedroom house that is all (just the shell if possible) We invested in this vacant stand and my salary as well as my husband is extremely small and we cannot afford to build our house (building material) or apply for another house or even go for a home loan or rent another house/place. My 2 children do need to get a house as soon as possible, as we are staying at this stage in a caravan at the stand, all that we have to do to is get the construction running with the building material which we do not have, I am not asking a lot but please I need help urgently, We have no idea any more what to do, we even tried to sell the property (Stand) and not even 1 person came to view the property, we have asked for family and relatives for assistance not one family member helped us so far or offered to help us, or any company is willing to help us that is why I am writing this mail to you, as I have approached the biggest companies in South Africa, we are really stuck and need your assistance herein.

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    We are situated in East Rand area, South Africa

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    Charmaine De Sousa

  • hi i am a low earner an dont qualify for a bond or an rdp house,could you pls help me find a house.

    1. Hi im dervosed single mothed of 4 renting a rdp house in gauteng earning 8500 per month need to get my own cheap house please help me .

  • hi my name is phumla and really want to buy a house but my salary is a bit low.

    please advise.

  • Hi, i have been renting a four roomed house with double garage(corrugated), the owner is selling it to me now at 150 000 i need your help, im comfortable with the house
    Please help me

  • Hi my name. Is Gwen am looking. For. A house. Am a single parent. Working. As a nurse in net care. Please help me

  • Hi.londiwe Ned rdp house my income low how l get

  • Hello I am working getting a low income of 4600.00 and I don’t qualify for rdp house I am a single parent and Im desparate where can I get the house

  • Hello my name is Rosalla I have 2 boys and 1 girl i am working my salary in R6000.I am staying in 1room my children are growing the oldest is 14years so ican not continue to be in 1 room. I REALLY need a house Please help me.

  • Hi cn u plz assist me on low income housing

  • Hi . how to you apply for a low income housing be assist me..

  • My husband earn R7600 and i earn R2750. We really want the house that we can afford as we have two sons and renting a room
    We don’t know where to start or what is needed for us to apply for lower income house.

    thank you

  • Hi there,,,kindly assist I am to buy home of my own, I earn low income and have 2 children who are old enough to have their own rooms , please send me info as to where I can go to get a house, thank you in advance

  • Hi i m looking to buy a house my salary is 10600

  • Hi There..I desperately in need of a low cost house around Soweto and surrounding area..

  • Hi assist me with a rent to buy house around Pretoria for low income earners

  • Hi please assist, have gone to apply for RDP and I don’t qualify, tried to go and buy via bank also don’t qualify. Will appreciate the assistant from you gyz.

  • Hi please assist me,myself and my husband recently got married and we not living together.We really want a house or a flat to rent or buy but life is so expensive now,Please assist me as Ive got two kids that really loves us both and we just want to be a family together.We both working but on a low income salary.

  • Hi I’m kekeletso,I live with my 2 daughters in a room,and its a family house and I earn R6000 don’t qualify for a house,I will appreciate the assistant from u guys

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