His Excellency Abubakar Atiku: The man for the Nigerian job

A Ray Of Hope Lit Up In The Skies Of The City of Port Harcourt Nigeria As A New Nigeria Is Born.
Barrister Austin Okeke Writes From South Africa
Today; we witnessed all the children playing, and everyone dancing on the streets of Nigeria.
They were dancing to the sounds of victory.
This happened the moment His Excellency Abubakar Atiku was declared winner of the Presidential Primaries of the People’s Democratic Party of Nigerian “PDP”
Immediately, thereafter; there were jubilations galore all over the city of Port Harcourt, and indeed all the world; as well meaning Nigerians celebrate in the joyful hope that their beloved country shall soon be restored to its almost lost glory.
Nigerians and Nigeria have been run down, their treasures looted, men, women and children maimed and killed and their land illegally grabbed and occupied by foreign bandits, under the watch of incompetent cabinet and advisers. Unemployment rate in Nigeria is very high and unprecedented despondency rife.
With little hope left, and about less than a year ago, Abubakar Atiku the man of the people and the man for the job, boldly defected from Buhari’s ruling All Progressive Congress “APC”, to the official opposition party, the PDP.
Having heard the yearnings and cries of the people of Nigeria, having considered their plights, and having heeded the clarion call to come back and serve the people of Nigeria; Atiku made a resolute decision to take on the mammoth task of unseating Buhari come February 2019 general elections in Nigeria. He entered the fray.
This is a possible mission that must be accomplished in order to salvage what is left of Nigeria, which hitherto was the leading economy on the Africa continent until Buhari came to power in 2015.
To unseat Buhari, Atiku needs to first emerge as the Presidential flag bearer for PDP.
To achieve this, he needed people of like minds, people of good heart and formidable clout in the political arena, to galvanize and garner support of the PDP stakeholders and stalwarts.
The team of strategists he had assembled were indeed fit for purpose. This is a sign of what to expect from a man who is result driven.
At first, the above assignment seemed very steep and insurmountable. But not when his picks were in the house, and not on his watch shall the word impossibility be a deterrent to any project under the sun.
He is the epitome of determination mixed with sincerity of purpose.
The late Dr Nelson Mandela once said “it always seems impossible until it is done “
On the strength of the above wise saying from a world renowned struggle hero; Atiku together with his erudite team got the job done and Atiku was delivered to the good people of Nigeria.
On this note, I write to congratulate Atiku and his team for their invaluable efforts in the recently concluded Presidential Primaries of the People’s Democratic Party, which saw the most eligible candidate emerge as the winner.
I expect similar feat come February 2019 general elections in Nigeria.
The world awaits to once more celebrate you; Your Excellency.
I thank you.

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