FoneWorx: Fax is not dead!

By Gugu Lourie (Techfinancials)

TELECOM MINNOW FoneWorx Holdings is adamant that fax is not dead and it seems as if those who declared it gone are out of tune with the reality of modern unified communication services.

FoneWorx — which owns BizWorx that provides Fax2Email, Email2Fax, and other range of unified communication services such as instant messaging –believes faxing is a dominant aspect of messaging.

“There is a market perception that faxing is a declining technology, yet all our indications and internal trends clearly show that faxing still is and will remain a dominant aspect of messaging,” said Mark Smith, CEO of FoneWorx.

FoneWorx said BizWorx has over 320,000 unique subscribers to its hosted service with an increase of around 2,000 new subscribers per week.

“Our ten year history in this environment has shown that there are certain subscribers who don’t use the service as regularly as others and certain subscribers “drop off” the system as they may forget that they have subscribed. However, we continue to see usage north of the 300,000 mark,” said Smith.

The company said Frost and Sullivan evaluated the international faxing market in 2010 and reported that “the overall computer- based fax market will grow 6.9 percent compound annually through to 2017”.

FoneWorx, which has a market value of more than R325 million, processes in excess of 300,000 unique images per day via its three fax platforms.  The group share price traded 1.7 percent higher at R2.39 by 1441pm.

Faxing in the “cloud” is a phenomenon which has captured the interest of many businesses that want to outsource their faxing capabilities. BizWorx offers a cloud environment which enables in-bound and out-bound faxing to be managed seamlessly and securely,” said Smith.

The company said its newly released Email2Fax service, which enables subscribers to send a fax from their computer to any destination in the world, has taken off well, with many repeat users topping up their “virtual wallet” on a monthly basis.

The Premium Rate Fax2Email services are provided by FoneWorx as a licensed service provider to Telkom under contract. This contract was renewed from the 1 September 2013 for a period of five years. “This will enable us to develop a number of additional “value-added” layers to Fax2Email with the security of the contract in place,” said Smith.

The company said on Friday its strategy going forward in the BizWorx division was to add layers of modernization to fax, promote Email2Fax as the “reverse process” of Fax2Email.

Does any of you still utilises and old fax machine, please email Tech Financials News images of your fax machines hidden in your corner office. Let’s promote faxing as an alternative to being a twitterati or being an email junkie.

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