FNB reinforces online banking

First National Bank (FNB) has introduced further enhancements on its Banking Apps in what could extend the gap opened by FNB in leading innovation in the online banking space among its peers.

This comes shortly after FNB was named the Most Innovative Bank of the Year for 2012, in the BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards.

Announced in Washington earlier this month the BAI-Finacle Global banking Innovation Awards were designed to honour banks globally for game-changing products, services, practices and other achievements.The most innovative bank is driven by market insights, existing and emerging consumer preferences.

About its latest apps FNB said these will widen the App target audience and give customers more functionality.

FNB customers with a smart phone or tablet can now register and use the Banking App, without the need of a pre-existing online banking profile. Other enhancements include inContact instant messages on the digital phone on the App and prepaid electricity.

The retail bank App landscape has changed with most of FNB’s competitors having launched Apps post FNB’s and according to Farren Roper, Head of FNB Connect ISP and Business Operations, “We knew that our competitors would follow suit and the only way to sustain our first mover advantage would be to continuously innovate in a manner that adds value to the client. The latest innovations are also designed to give more functionality in a manner that will delight our clients.”

FNB customers who have a smart device and would like to use the Banking App, no longer need to be pre-registered for online banking. The only registration requirements are for the customer to have the App downloaded on their smart device, an FNB bank account with an active cheque or credit card, their PIN and ID number. Once customers have completed the registration on the App, they will be required to verify the registration at any FNB ATM or branch. By registering on the App, customers will also automatically get access to an Online Banking profile, using the details they created on the App.

“This latest development will enable us to extend the reach of the App to all FNB customers with a smart device and not just those registered for online banking. With South African smart device penetration set consistently on the increase and with FNB doing its part to facilitate smartphone and tablet take up even faster, we are accelerating the growth of our App base,” states Roper.

inContact on the App

The new version of inContact on the App will present a user with a timeline version of expenditure. These messages will come through as a push IM to the Banking App.  The benefit to the user is being able to see a list version of their expenses in their messages icon on the FNB Banking App.

Roper says “We consider the FNB Connect Phone on the Banking App a key competitive advantage and a platform for new innovations now and in the future.  Aside from the convenience factor, the growth and popularity of instant messaging platforms was the rationale for this. The timeline view is also in keeping with modern social media trends, so it would be the natural progression for our digitally savvy consumers. Customers no longer need to search for inContact SMS on their phone but can quickly view their inContact spends in one aggregated place.”

Roper concludes, “The plethora and speed of new innovations can be attributed to an in house and dynamic team”.

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