FNB Pay allows customers to use their mobile phone like a bank card: Here’s how it works

Ujuh Correspondent

FNB customers can now use their smart phones, like a bank card, to pay for goods and service at the shops through an app called FNB Pay.

FNB Pay is embedded inside the FNB banking app and is, for now, only available to customers with phones running on android. Most smartphones, like Samsung and Huawei, run on android. This excludes phones running on Apple (iPhone), Windows (Nokia Lumnia) and Blackberry (except for Blackberry 10 which runs on Android). FNB says it is working on expanding the range of mobile phones that can take FNB Pay.

In a statement to customers the bank said FNB Pay is now available at big brands such as Engen, Mr Price and Pick n Pay. “This means you can now #JustTap for just about anything with the FNB App and your Android smartphone – the coolest, fastest way to pay.”

The bank describes FNB Pay as “a convenient, safe and secure alternative to making payments in-store without the need for a card or cash.”

How it works

To engage FNB Pay, users need to download the latest version of FNB Banking App and register a qualifying bank card, a debit or credit card. The phone can be used to pay where there is a contactless payment logo.

A user needs to simply unlock their android smartphone and tap it on the card machine. The transaction will go through as if using a bank card.

FNB Pay is anchored by a technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) which is embedded in most smart phones. To ensure FNB Pay is successfully registered on the smartphone, users must switch on the NFC function in their phones.


How secure is FNB Pay?

The bank said FNB Pay is based on highly secured technology and  is also protected by added security through the mobile phone passcode or FNB Banking App password, depending on which security mode a user chooses.

Thwe bank said whilst FNB Pay uses a variety of mechanisms and technologies to ensure security, it is important that users keep their device on themselves and not share their device passcode with anyone.

Similar to a contactless physical card, FNB Pay allows you to do contactless transactions under R500, but for all transactions above R500, your card PIN is required to be entered on the POS device.

There are two security options available with FNB Pay:

  • Unlock the phone & Pay – You are required to set a mobile phone passcode.
  • Password & Pay – You are required to launch FNB App and enter App password.
  • For transactions over a certain amount you will also need to enter your card PIN on the POS device.


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