FNB enhances its wired image

First National Bank (FNB) is extending its offering of affordable digital communication products to its customers by adding Windows PC Laptops into its highly successful Tablet and Smartphone venture. The move ups the ante in the battle for market share in the local retail banking space.

FNB announced that for the first time it will have a Windows PC Laptop available. “Along with an array of smartphones and tablets, FNB will include the Acer Windows PC Laptops and Ultrabooks to the range of products that are available at a reduced price – with 24 months to pay and zero additional fees, interest or charges.

FNB’s tablets and smart phone offering has proved to be a marketing coup. Recently the group announced that the offering which makes available to customers tablets at reduced rates was taken up by more than 80 000 customers since launch in late 2011. The move also enhances FNB’s image as a cool and wired bank as it directly links to customers migration to digital banking.

“We see great potential in further increasing the number of smartphones and tablets held by FNB customers. We are now distributing about 2 000 units a week,” Said Ilse Smuts, Head of Marketing at FNB’s Core Banking Services.

FNB has said it had reached 220 000 active users of its innovative Banking App and around R5 billion has been transacted via the App to date. “There is no question that digital banking is gaining momentum. The lower cost and convenience of digital banking, and the rapid growth of digital communication channels shows a clear consumer preference has emerged,” says Smuts.

On the addition of the Windows PC offering FNB said new and existing FNB Gold or Platinum Cheque Account clients as well as FNB Private Clients will be able to purchase any of the following Acer products:

The Aspire S3 Ultrabook with Core i7 processor, The Timeline M3 Ultra and the Value Series V3 Laptop. Each of the products offered have different price points thus ensuring that it is available to a large and targeted audience.

FNB has claimed that it dominates other banks in social media platforms. Citing early July 2012 figures the bank said it has 143 000 Facebook fans, more than double its nearest competitor. It had 221 000 views of FNB videos on YouTube, 6 times higher than any other bank.

Recently, FNB has also launched facebook banking.

“We will continue to roll-out new offers in line with the new products offered by our partners. At the same time, we will increase consumer awareness of our telecoms offers such as discounted 3G data, free calls and free monthly ADSL data. The next step in our digital roll-out is to make sure our customers fully exploit FNB’s offers via both new devices and data,” says Smuts.


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