FNB’s duplicate transactions cause online brouhaha

First National Bank (FNB) seems to have been hit by a computer bug which resulted in the duplication of online transactions undertaken by its online banking clients causing a huge hullabaloo over the weekend.

By the look of things, the FNB online banking team went into overdrive on Saturday to kill the bug overnight. Such a glitch comes to shake FNB’s posture as one of the smartest banks in the world.

The third largest bank in the country, FNB, issued an SMS to its clients on Saturday night in which it alerted customers that it was aware of a fault in online banking and was working on fixing it. The SMS which landed on the writers inbox at 20:16 on Saturday said: “FNB sincerely apologises to our customers affected by duplicate transactions and temporary hold on some online services.”
The SMS added that “We are working on a speedy resolution as a priority. Cards and ATMs not affected. Updates to follow.”

The problem is said to have dated back to Thursday’s ( 03 July 2014) transactions which were processed on the same day in the evening and then again on Friday morning, leading to duplication. This caused a huge brouhaha as FNB clients took the the social networking platforms to voice their anger at duplicate transactions plus the fact that certain function in FNB’s online platform were down on Saturday.

FNB issued a media statement on Sunday morning. It said “FNB can confirm that all online systems are working normally and advises that all duplicate transactions have been reversed to affected customers.
The bank confirms that any related banking fees that occurred due to this incident will be refunded as normal course of business. We once again apologise for the inconvenience caused to affected customers.”
The SMS informing customers that the problem has been fixed landed on the writer’s inbox on 13:32 (Sunday 06 July 2014).


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