Expanded Sandton City is Launched

The expanded Sandton City was launched this week in a move that introduces 70 new retailers to the shopping centre considered to be one of the largest within the African continent.

Sandton City has increased its total retail offering to 331 shops.

Sandton City, has expanded and improved to enhance its leading position as the world-class, unrivalled shopping and rendezvous destination for millions of local and international visitors as well as leading global and South African retail brands.

Situated in Johannesburg, Sandton City is a super-regional shopping centre located in the heart of South Africa’s financial centre, Sandton.

First opened in September 1973, and credited with being the catalyst for the growth of the surrounding business hub of Sandton Central, Sandton City and Africa’s business nucleus have grown in unison.

Over the years Sandton City has grown from 50,000sqm and 120 stores to now boasting retail space of 143,955sqm with 331 retailers. The entire complex, which includes the adjoining hotel and office sections, now measures a massive 215,000sqm.

“Sandton City is one of the largest shopping centres in Africa. Its popularity, robust mix of local and international leading fashion brands and its successful trading record have made it a first choice for retail groups seeking to introduce unique new retail concepts to the cosmopolitan South African market, and a gateway to retail in Africa,” said Julie Hillary, General Manager Sandton Region at Liberty Properties. “For our extension, a dynamic retail mix has been achieved which complements and enhances Sandton City’s established retailers.”

“An excellent fusion of international and local trends is achieved through tenant mix. The completion of this extension has amplified this to match, if not exceed, many of the finest international shopping experiences,” said Hillary.


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