Durbanville Hills Winery on its way to ethical seal

Durbanville Hills Winery will soon display the new ethical seal on no fewer than 12 of their wines. The seal is displayed on wines that after rigorous auditing have been found to conform to the Wine and Agricultural Industry Ethical Trade Association (WIETA) code of fair labour practices.

Durbanville Hills global marketing manager Deidre Samson, said so many of the cellar’s products qualified for the seal at this early stage as its small member network formed a tightly knit group that shared the same enlightened principles of employment practices.

The seal is granted to individual wines and their detailed histories can be traced in full on the internet, using the unique number appearing on the seal.

The ethical seal is modelled on South Africa’s sustainability seal, developed to promote awareness of the production integrity followed at every stage of the supply chain from vineyard to bottle.

The following 12 wines from Durbanville Hills will carry the ethical seal:


1.      Durbanville Hills Merlot 2011

2.      Durbanville Hills Shiraz 2011

3.      Durbanville Hills Pinotage 2011

4.      Rhinofields Merlot 2011

5.      Rhinofields Shiraz 2010

6.      Rhinofields Shiraz 2011

7.      Caapmans Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot 2010

8.      Luipaardsberg Merlot 2010

9.      Luipaardsberg Merlot 2011

10.     Durbanville Hills Rhinofields Sauvignon Blanc 2012

11.     Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2012

12.     Rhinofields Pinotage 2011

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