DTI technology awards produce 12 winners

Kwa-Zulu Natal-based SmartXChange Centre of Excellence walked away with the incubator of the year award at the 2013 Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) National Technology Awards.

SmartXChange Centre of Excellence is one of the 12 companies which won an award at the ceremony held at the iNkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre in Durban last week Thursday.

Names of other winners drawn from across the country include Thabong Bakery, Tugo Builds, Sintrex Integration Services, TMI Consultancy, Globetom and Dynamic Commodities (See full list below)

DTI’s Lionel October crowned the winners and said that government was planning to up-scale technology support programmes to propel many more companies in the sector.

October told all the finalists that the country needs people like them, who will take the country to the next level, through technology.

SmartXChange Centre of Excellence’s Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Naidoo said their commitment to the development of SMMEs and youth in particular makes the company unique and the award is a motivation to make them work even harder.

According to Naidoo, SmartXChange has been in the business for more than ten years, and they are looking for another decade of hard working with incubatees, in particular the youth.  “We exist to develop and support Information Technology SMME’s through world class incubation, skills development and encourage innovation and collaboration in the Information and Communications Technology sector’’.

The purpose of the DTI awards is to raise awareness on the benefits of using technology to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. The awards recognise individuals and organisations that contributed towards technology development and innovation in South Africa. They are also aimed at inspiring and encouraging creativity and technological innovativeness amongst business people by rewarding those that make use of technology to advance their business.

October said government will boost support programmes which make such awards possible. He was referring to the Seda Technology Programme (STP), The Support Programme for Industrial Innovation (SPII) and Technology And Human Resources for Industry Programme (THRIP) from which all the finalists benefited.

“Partnerships and well-designed programmes like these three can bring a positive spin to the creation of jobs through the development of Small Medium and Micro Enterprises,” said October.


Here follows full list of the awards as supplied by the DTI


Category 1:  Incubator of the year Category 2:  Fastest Growing Incubatee
Nomination  Name of Company Nomination  Name of Company
Winner SmartXchange Winner Eco Furniture Design
Runner-up Furntech Runner-up Elijah Makhubela – Walda group 


Category 3: Best Performing Quality Intervention Category 4:  Best Performing TTF Intervention
Nomination  Name of Company Nomination  Name of Company
Winner Thabong Bakery Winner Excellence Motor Trimmers
Runner-up Nomcebo consulting Enterprise t/a Nomcebo Printers Runner-up G & T Autobody


Category 1:  Small    Companies  Category 2: Medium Companies
Nomination Name of company Nomination  Name of Company
Winner Tugo Builds (Pty) Ltd Winner Sintrex Integration Services (Pty) Ltd
Runner-up TMI Consultancy CC (t/a TMI Dynamatics) Runner-up Globetom (Pty) Ltd
Category 3: Large Companies  Category 4: Emerging BEE Enterprise
Nomination  Name of Company Nomination  Name of Company
Winner Magus (Pty) Ltd Winner Tugo Builds (Pty) Ltd
Runner-up Dynamic Commodities (Pty) Ltd Runner-up TMI Consultancy CC (t/a TMI Dynamatics)


Category: 1  Human Resource Development -Quality and quantity of students  Category 2: Competitiveness of the Industry Partner 


Nomination Project Leader Nomination Project Leader
Winner Prof JP Maree Winner Mr AS Jonker
Runner-up Prof LF Petrik Runner-up Dr P Addison
Category 3: Outstanding Black Researcher  Category 4: Advanced Hi-Tech 
Nomination Project Leader Nomination Project Leader
Winner Dr LE Khotseng  Winner Prof BTJ Maharaj 
Runner-up Prof D Ramjugernath  Runner-up Prof PJ Blignaut


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