Declare these critical things for your insurance to avoid disappointment


Its always tempting for consumers to want to cut corners when taking up household insurance in order to make savings. While searching for savings is sensible some consumers make the mistake of omitting critical information which will negatively affect their claims.

 Riana Wiese, an insurance adviser at PSG Insure issues key tips to ensure that your insurance cover is in order:

  •  When taking out an insurance policy, make sure that you declare all your previous claims/losses so that you cannot be found to have withheld relevant information from your insurer, which may invalidate future claims.
  • If you are under debt review you need to inform your broker/insurer.
  • If you have a criminal record this also needs to be disclosed.
  • Make sure you give the correct details regarding security measures in place on your property or in your vehicle. For example, whether you have an alarm system linked to a security company at home, or a tracking device/immobiliser in your car.
  • When it comes to disability cover and life insurance, it is paramount that you provide accurate, truthful information related to your health and do not withhold anything that may be relevant as this could leave you or your dependents without an income when it is most needed – even if you’ve been paying your monthly premiums for years.

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