Dear American corporations: Our lands are not shitholes!

Ujuh Reporter

ProBonoMatters, a South African based social media network focused on helping poor people access the justice system, has launched an online petition calling out American multinational corporations to state where they stand against the position of US president Donald Trump that Haiti and African countries are shitholes.

ProBonoMatters has launched an online petition that demands for American corporations to declare where they stand on the matter. The petition says those corporations that don’t come out clearly against Trump’s bigotry will be deemed “as enthusiastic backers of his racism and targeted by this ensuing campaign” which will include boycotting their businesses.

Here follows the wording of the petition”

Dear American corporations.

We hereby demand that you declare whether you stand with or against your fascist president, Donald Trump on the matter of shitholes.

You will not be allowed to operate on our shores as if its business as usual when your CEO is branding our lands, from which you are raking untold profits, as shitholes. Those of you who don’t come out clearly against your president’s bigotry will be deemed as enthusiastic backers of his racism and targeted by this ensuing campaign.

We’ve had enough of your President. The shithole saga is further confirmation that your President is a dangerous fascist of Adolf Hitler’s ilk. He must be stopped now before it’s too late.
Like Hitler did in the 1930s your President, Donald Trump, has been pushing the boundaries of the world’s tolerance of his fascism. He’s already claimed too much ground. If he’s allowed to be, he will explode into destruction. We hereby take a stand to stop him.

We approach you with an understanding that Donald Trump is not a lone wolf. He is the CEO of an $18 trillion economy that is significantly propped up by yourself, American corporations, with earnings that are partly generated from our lands which your President calls shitholes. We find this unacceptable.

Walmart, Apple, General Motors, Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Ford, Amazon, General Electric, Citigroup, Visa, Mastercard, IBM, Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, Westinghouse, Chrysler, Caterpillar, Boeing, Goodyear Tier & Rubber, General Foods, Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Gap, Levi Strauss & Co, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, KFC, Exxon Mobil, AT&T, JP Morgan, Uber, Forever 21, ADT et al:

We demand that all American corporations with presence on our lands must issue public notices declaring their position on the shithole matter. Let us know where you stand so that we can decide whether you deserve our hospitality and our monies or not.

Yours sincerely
People of Africa, the diaspora and progressives from cross the globe.

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