Davies sees opportunities in China

The Department of Trade and Industry and the International Brand Management Centre have signed a Memorandum of Understanding geared to promote South African products in the massive Chinese market.

The DTI said the MoU signed in China and alongside the South African Expo 2012 hosted in Beijing and launched by the minister of trade and industry Rob Davies.

Davies said China has been South Africa’s number one trading partner both as an export destination and as a source of imports since 2008.  That was said by South African Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Rob Davies at the opening ceremony of the South African Expos that is held in Beijing, China. Sixty-eight South African companies from different sectors are taking part in the exhibitions.

He said that South Africa is a destination of 25 per cent of Chines exports to the African continent and the source of 38 per cent of Chines imports from the African continent.

However, Davies stated that South Africa had been concerned over the years that it was seen largely in China as a country which can provide mineral commodities and not recognising the full extent of our productive and export capabilities. He said in order to address this; South Africa has passed the 10 product list indicating the number of value added products which we can supply to China.

‘This builds on an important point that was made in the Beijing Declaration adopted in the context of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement (CSPA) signed by both countries in August 2010, which said that both countries will work together to ensure a higher proportion of value added products in the exports which we provide to China. Another important commitment was that we said we will work together to invest in the beneficiation or value addition of the mineral products at source; he said.

Davies said that the South African Expos 2012 was intended to give effect to the objectives of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement (CSPA).

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