Corruption Watch: ‘Pule must be charged’

Corruption Watch Statement on the Dina Pule saga:

Corruption Watch (CW) calls for the prosecuting authorities to act swiftly and ensure former Communications Minister Dina Pule is held accountable for her alleged unlawful conduct.

While welcoming the findings of the Parliamentary Ethics Committee against Pule, CW’s executive director David Lewis said criminal charges must be laid against Pule in line with the anticorruption laws.

“It is important to note that Pule is not an ordinary Member of Parliament but held a cabinet post vital to South Africa’s well-being and economic prospects. It is therefore imperative that strong consequences flow from the manner in which she has abused the public resources under her stewardship,” said Lewis.

Corruption Watch has also noted the limited powers of the ethics committee, which Lewis said needed to be augmented to enable the committee to impose heavier penalties on corrupt members of parliament. “While we understand that the committee used all powers at its disposal and we commend them for that, their punitive powers appear far too limited relative to the level of misconduct and disregard for the public office that Pule occupied. This is all the more reason for the criminal justice authorities to act, including action to recover the public funds plundered.”

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