Comes eDisclosure: an electronic register for the public service

The South African Cabinet has endorsed the implementation of the eDisclosure system in the Public Service from April 2014 in a move that propels the fight against corruption in the public service.

In its latest update the cabinet observed that the eDisclosure system comes to replace the manual system of submission, processing and verification of the disclosures. “eDisclosure is an electronic register to capture and manage financial disclosures of designated employees (SMS members) who are required to disclose their registrable interests to their relevant Executive Authority by 30 April of each year.”

“The e-Disclosure system is located on the homepage of the Department of Public Service and Administration website – – and is linked to other relevant existing databases such as the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, deeds registration offices and eNatis for verification and validation purposes.”

The system aims to strengthen accountability in line with government’s zero-tolerance of eliminate corruption.”

  • Can`t access the register to file. Chairperson Northern Cape Consumer Court, Kimberley.
    Office does not have Internet yet.
    Tel 053 831 5562/3/4
    Fax 053 831 5547
    Please advise on personal mail or fax.
    Adv. NJ Grobler

  • Martin Mandlenkosi Mahlalela


  • Would like to register in the non financial disclosure but cannot access edisclosure form

  • I registered three weeks ago. I registered however could not access registration form. I have been trying to access the website. I managed to access the website & forgot my pass word. I was re issued with a password however was denied access.

    I am going to submit a hard copy!

    1. I have Registered on the 7 June 2017,but did not receive OTP.Therefore I cannot log in to submit the information.

      Please assist urgently,since deadline is today.


      B.J.Monare Cell 0786743253

  • curtis mavula mabena

    i can’t access the register form, what’s next?

  • Fumanekile Fumi Gqiba

    Unable to access relevant edisclosure form/block.

  • I have been trying to access the edisclosure link in order to submit my financial interest in my capacity as a SMS member of the Public Service but to no avail.

  • Unable to access the dpsa website nore eDisclosure form

    would love to comply with submission but have struggled to access the site and the form

  • mba jeremia molefe

    Not able to access the e-disclosure forms to register.

  • I have struggled to access the form

  • I’ve tryed in vain to access e-disclosure form for registration

  • Ntomboxolo Kungune

    I have been struggling to register my financial disclosure . Please assist.


  • TL Moeng Mahlangu

    I have registered but was unable to submit, now I am unable to open my profile to try and submit

  • Mokgadi Phokojoe

    I was assisted in April to file electronicaly from my desktop. I Just received message that I did not comply now what?

  • I have been trying to access the edisclosure link in order to submit my financial interest in my capacity as a SMS member of the Public Service but to no avail, the page is inaccessible

  • Though I have complied, and got confirmation that my declaration information was accepted, I have been getting emails from eDisclosure Support that my disclosure status have changed I must visit the website, but trying to visit the website has been a struggle, could not get through.



  • I’ve been informed by email that the status of my disclosure has changed and that this might require my attention, but I cannot access the eDisclosure website, how frustrating is that?

  • Cannot access system to register and sbmit.

  • Batlhakile Seerane

    I cannot register online is it possible for me to submit a hardcopy? or can someone guide me because I did register previously and forgot my password a new password was given to me but still cannot register.

  • Help me do the edisclosure

  • I have registered in 2014, now i want to submit in 2015, whats the procedure.

  • Want to submit cant access the link , iv been trying several times now

  • I tried to register to edisclosure but couldn’t get through because of password and I’ve tried to click forgot password to no luck. Please assist me.

  • I tried to register to edisclosure but couldn’t get through because I don’t have password, so can your send me the password(OTP) urgently needed because closing date for Edisclosure application is today, 2017-09-15.

  • I’ve registered long ago and forgotten both the password and user ID. I’m trying to request them and the system reject my Id number, last name and work email address. Please assist so that I can comply.

  • cant access the link to register



  • vinesh narayan

    I need user name and password to register

  • Unable to log in page not available

    Page Can not be reach. Also late than 24hrs notice.

    cant access the link to register

  • I’ve been trying to access the eDisclosure system for a while but it seems to be offline or not accessible. Have already registered and have my login details, but want to do my disclosure ASAP
    Have tried to call DPSA few times but the eDisclosure section does not answer the phones.
    Please help

    Error display:
    This page can’t be displayed

    •Make sure the web address is correct.
    •Look for the page with your search engine.
    •Refresh the page in a few minutes.

    Fix connection problems

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