Owner driver BEE scheme flourishes

The next time you spot an AfriSam tanker on the road, pay some respect to the driver. He might be richer than the average you.

Thanks to the 10 years old Cargo Carriers’ owner driver black economic empowerment (BEE) scheme. The JSE listed supply chain specialist, Cargo Carriers, has run the owner driver scheme jointly with its BEE partner Ezethu Logistics since 2003. A number of other companies with a heavy logistics exposure, like the South African Breweries, have embraced the owner driver scheme as a form of BEE. This has to a certain extent come to balance out laments that BEE is benefiting a few usual suspects.

The success of the Cargo Careers scheme is highlighted in a fresh deal between Ezethu Logistics and cement manufacturing giant AfriSam. A statement released yesterday said Ezethu has been awarded the contract to transport cement from AfriSam’s Ulco operation near Kimberley to the company’s readymix facilities in the Western Cape.

Ezethu Logistics has dedicated eight powder tankers to the contract, which will deliver bulk cement to plants in Bellville, Peninsula, Cape Town city and Philippi.

Andre Jansen van Vuuren, Divisional Director of Marketing for Cargo Carriers, said the AfriSam contract was a milestone in Ezethu Logistics’ 10 years of steady growth which has partly been fuelled by “its unmatched BBBEE credentials”.

He added that three factors gave Ezethu Logistics the edge. These are reputation for reliable; cost-effective supply chain logistics in fuels, chemicals and powders; certified compliance with the best Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) standards and a BBBEE compliance rating of Level 2.

The owner driver scheme is a critical element of the Level 2 BBBEE status. Van Vuuren noted that since 2003, Cargo Carriers and Ezethu Logistics have pioneered the concept of owner-drivers, providing training and support to allow drivers to become stakeholders in the industry. The result is genuine empowerment, backed by Cargo Carriers’ financial muscle, stringent health and safety standards and a 57-year reputation for business reliability.

Six of the eight units servicing the AfriSam contract are driver-owned, with two provided by Ezethu Logistics. Each vehicle will cover 21 500km per month, bringing down the ratio of units to volume hauled. Using computerized logistics and vehicle tracking to adhere to a strict shift change-over timetable, they allow reduced delivery costs without compromising reliability or driver safety. “We’re really ‘sweating the assets’,” said Van Vuuren. “We stay strictly within industry standards for driving times and shift times, but our logistics give us the edge in turnaround times and load monitoring”.

Van Vuuren said as part of its commitment to furthering the national economic transformation objectives the B-BBEE scores of service providers to AfriSam are an important factor in the awarding of contracts. Ezethu’s Level 2 rating allows AfriSam to claim more than 100% compliance in terms of its procurement charter. This rating, complemented by Ezethu’s competitive pricing, played a significant role in the company securing the contract.

 He added that with any haulage of potentially hazardous materials, safety is paramount. Ezethu’s growth in the fuels, chemicals and powders sector is testimony to the company’s attention to SHEQ standards, as demonstrated by its ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001 certification. “In this day and age, business simply can’t afford not to commit to reducing carbon footprints and improving health, quality and safety standards,” said Van Vuuren. “Apart from compliance with the relevant transport and safety acts, we are upgrading our fleet with reduced-emissions vehicles, we are active in health and safety monitoring committees, and we ensure our drivers have access to first-class medical treatment in the event of stress, fatigue or loss of concentration.” The company also maintains contracts with disaster-response firms, so that in the event of an accidental spill, containment and clean-up operations can begin without delay.


  • I am very impresed to see that logistic business is growing in South Africa, i’ve been struggling to get a transport contract to transport fuel and chemicals as i don’t have a tanker truck bv i do have a business plan and i aproached few funding institutions like NYDA and (GEP) Gauteng Enterprise Propeller, they are willing to finance me if i obtain a contract. I request all the South African Petroleum Power house to offer me a contract and i also urge all experts out there for advices.

    Contacts: 084 614 8751

    Morena Mokhethea

    1. Don’t let people fool you. Although there is no way you would get a contract without trucks even if you were to get your hands on one it does not mean that a bank will fund you. Banks require proven concepts,experience and good financial records. My advice is start small with a second hand truck and small contracts than when your comfortable you can expand. Am doing the same.Contracts are only given to people who already have trucks and not people who want trucks as contracts have commencement dates and companies don’t want to risk giving the contract to someone who doesn’t have experience.

      1. Good day Minenhle, are you in the transport sector? and where do you operate?

      2. Hello Minenhle my name is katlego i needyour expert advice on this logistical field of transportion…i read your comments and i feel like you are the right person to consult please email me on Khaxmen@gmail.com or call me on 083 273 2147
        My friend found a cintract agreement to transport coal for a duration of 1year with some company and needed my company documnets in order to commence with the job…therefore i dont know if i should give him my documents or not…please help out


  • Hi there i need partner to finance 5 trucks , got 5 year contract. Off R63 mill , need flatdeck superlinks Contact Christo

    1. Hi Christo

      Do you still need a partner?

      1. Hi i have a flat deck trailer super link.I looking for a contract based in JHB contact 0828517871

        1. Hi i am Max from Pretoria a Code 14 driver loading Cement in Northam. They need more truck owners for a 1year Contract. Type of trailers Required Are Superlink Tautliner, Flatbed and Triaxle Flatbed. Local and Long distance. Good rate. Call 0729939157 for more info.

    2. Hi Christo

      Do you stiill need a partner ?

      Kind Regards
      Elvis Tsaka

    3. Sechaba David Molotsana

      We are looking for a direct contract for 34 ton side tipper.we have trucks anyone willing to help us as a youth transportation business please call.0710080731

    4. Nondumiso Ndawonde

      Hi Christo need to start truck bussiness can you help me.

    5. hi.. i am new into business and want to grow into transport..i have a registered company and a 1.5 ton truck now ..i am vat reg and bee compliant…please asdisy me to grow or join in

  • hi I’m urgently looking for transport contract for my kia bakkie 2013 model with high volume canopy

  • hi I’m urgently looking for transport contract for my kia bakkie 2013 model with high volume canopy contact me …..

  • Hi am really interested in this owner driver thing I just got my code 14 licence and I so wish I knew where to start but I don’t I need advice on how and where to start. I also want to own my trucks one day and I know i will. am a hard working young man and self motivated with very big dream. Help

  • Hi all,, i am looking for transport contract(courier, delivery ect) on my hyndai H100 2014 model with high volume canopy. I can be contacted on grams7305@gmail.com & 0710936206

  • hi im thando hope you can help i need a lucritive truck contract trucks i can get

  • Innocent Soyiso Bungane

    I am a young man am looking for a direct chemical or fuel contract so that the bank will be able to finance me

    1. @innocent. Don’t let people fool you. Although there is no way you would get a contract without trucks even if you were to get your hands on one it does not mean that a bank will fund you. Banks require proven concepts,experience and good financial records. My advice is start small with a second hand truck and small contracts than when your comfortable you can expand. Am doing the same.

      1. Good day! I have a VW constellation truck. Its a 2012 model with only 52000 km. I use to be an owner driver at Distell till my contract ended. Now I’m left with the truck and still paying for it. I’m looking for a short term or long term contract.

  • Innocent Soyiso Bungane

    My contacts 071 7670 114 / 083 8706 591 email dlanjwainnocent@gmail.com

  • Hi, I am looking for owner driver contract for my brand new 2014 Hyndai H100, with canopy, tow bar, rubberize, battery locker as extras. I am contacted on 084 740 8243, mkhontoishmael@gmail.com

  • I am looking for fuel tankers owner whose willing to do a joint venture with us (BEE status) and has wholesale license. We do have pre-aggrement at hand with Engen. Its urgent you can call me 074 363 1976 or bhongolamaqwambe@gmail.com

  • Hi, I’m Abram and I’m looking for 34ton trucks with side tippers for for contracts. Call me urgently if you interested. 0720754527

  • To all you guys that are seeking contracts in order to finance trucks please stop dreaming and start working hard. I will bet you all that I have that no one will give you a contract unless it’s a scam and you have to pay them for the contract. My advice is if your working start saving up for a small truck and start small. Everythng takes time and hardwork. For advice regarding contracts contact me at mgmgobhozi@live.co.za and il assist you in anyway I can.

  • Good day,

    Hope this email finds you well.

    I am doing marketing for some transporters and do help them in getting loads and/or trying to move their loads from A to Z with their sidetipper trucks.

    Do you perhaps have or know of any sub-contacts or direct contracts available for the transporting of spare loads? From what I’ve read and heard, it seems as if the loads are increasing tremendously daily with not nearly enough vehicles to service these requests fully.

    If you can help with spare loads, then please send me more details to look at.

    Your help and guidance here is much appreciated. Awaiting your favorable reply.


    Gawie Liebenberg – 利嘉威 (Jiawei Li)
    Mobile: +27 72 704 6864
    Email : gawiepet@gmail.com

    PS: My goal for the future is to become Mandarin(Chinese) fluent! I will be embarking on a language study tour in the near future and all commissions earned here will be utilized towards my studies in China! While studying I will also network and connect with Chinese Logistics companies exporting to South Africa! Big opportunities await!!!

    1. Write here…i Gawie i need an investor or partner for my business for a better fleet in my funeral busines

  • Good day.I have a half tone chev utility bukkie 2013 model and am looking for a delivery contract for it,I will appreciate any help you can render. Thank you.

  • Good day. I currently own a 4ton drop side truck and i am looking for a contract for such. Also have a half ton canopy van available. C.c is currently registered and trading. Based in KZN. Thank you.

  • Good day all I am carrently own 2 truck horse only I’m looking for contract 0768125022

  • good day to you all,am looking for a contract and am currently owning a horse and willing to hire any type of trailer depending on the contract,thank you for those who are going to help me,my email address is jbndlovu@yahoo.com

  • Good Afternoon

    My name is Lahlekile Manga and im staying Pretoriai.I have a 4 ton dropsides truck without a contract.If someone out there has a direct contract can you contact me with an email or on this numbers 0792742212.

    Alfred Mangai

  • Good Afternoon

    My name is Lahlekile Manga and im staying Pretoriai.I have a 4 ton dropsides truck without a contract.If someone out there has a direct contract can you contact me with an email lahlekile@gmail.comor on this numbers 0792742212.

    Alfred Mangai

  • Good Afternoon

    My name is Lahlekile Manga and im staying Pretoriai.I have a 4 ton dropsides truck without a contract.If someone out there has a direct contract can you contact me with an email lahlekile@gmail.com on this numbers 0792742212.

    Alfred Mangai

  • Hi guys,

    Please stop emailing me about contracts if you don’t own a truck. I can only assist those who are interested in the logistics industry and need advise on how to go about entering this industry with as little finance as they can. Those with trucks(8 ton) I can assist you so long as you can give me proof that the truck is registered in your name or your company name. And for those who want to act as brokers emailing me and telling me that they have tuck owners that are working with that need contracts please stop bothering me because their are no short cuts in this industry. And for goods sack, you don’t get a valid contract unless you have a truck unless it’s a scam and your asked to pay money upfront and having a contract does not neccesarily mean banks will find you because the logistics industry is a high risk one which means anyone who has less than 20years experience in the industry is going to have to get God to physically acompany him to the bank if they want funding.banks look at the risk fractor more than the opportunity because should you fail there’s no one to pay back the loan since you have no surety which should be Atleast 50% of what your asking for. So since a new truck will be around R1,7million including VAT but without a trailer and a new AFRIT trailer will cost you around R700 000. With both these together your looking at around R2 400 000. And 50% of that is R1,2million so you do the math.starting small with a second hand trailer and truck doesn’t seem like a bad idea after all now does it??and there’s another way of doing this which is less complicated than all of the above but sadly knowledge costs money and I’ve shared enough lol.

    1. I have a double diff horse. I’m looking for work. Can you help?

    2. hello Minenhle.I read a comment you posted last year on a site I came across. You gave some pretty good advice about obtaining a logistics comtract. You didn’t beat around the bush. I like it, your honesty and openess. ☺


    3. Hi Minehle may I please have your email address, I need advice on Logistics.
      you can send it directly to my email.
      Thank you

    4. Hi Minenhle,
      My name is Andrew Makola based in Tembisa near Kempton Park. I’m interested in courier/logistics contract for owner- driver.
      I would gadly appreciate if you could assist me in going about in this regard.

      S.à. Makola

    5. I HAVE A 8TON FLAT DECK PLEASE WHATSAPP ME 0711181288 OR EMAIL ganyeganye@gmail.com

    6. Hi my name is John Segopa,I have Mercedes Benz v-series 6m tipper truck and I’m looking for a contract around Gauteng and mpumalanga.please anyone who can help me find the job contact me on 0738435549 or e-mail me at segopajohn@gmail.com

  • Hi, I have a 4 ton Nissan UD 40 truck with a box body for deliveries.I am looking for work/contract for the truck.I have code 10 with a pdp.I am living in the Western Cape.

    Please contact me at 0728075104

  • hi i have a 6ton and an 8ton closed trucks both with GIT insurance im looking for contract work.these trucks are in my name thanks



  • I need a truck contract to transport got new truck…I stay in Cape Town please contact me on 0781854627 / 0828454860

  • I have a double diff truck (horse) i need work can you assist please.

  • Hi all i see most of you got a wake-up call.Minenhle is the only one thinking straight.CONTRACT [lol] what contractyou must be joking.I’ve been in this business for years. NO help here unless you got an uncle in the furniture business [jd].The bs about the business growing [transport] is exactly that bs. NO1;how is it growing if there’s no real growth in economy?NO2;brokers and co’s only say ”get a truck” so they can flood the market with vehicles and the result –lots of vehicles and VERYlittle loads — what happens –prices go down–wake-up to what the big names are doing and you’ll see soon the small chaps are forced out and then they can control the pricing again.BROKERS oh shikes this is another story but maybe you should join that lot cos all you gotta have is a table , chair [not compulsory] and a phone / fax and you must be able to bs and make promises. Yeah that way you wont loose a million , only the phone/fax and your ego will be slightly dented.NOW the next DUMB F…. that asks a question like CONTRACT,HOW TO THIS or THAT about t/port rather go see a quack –remember as the boere say ”daar is geen pille vir dom mense nie” My story in short — figure it out yourself –Cheers

  • Xolani Clertus Ngwenya

    Hi all,
    I’m looking for transport contract ,I have three side tippers trucks and
    Drivers to transport coal,goods or anything through South Africa.

    Please advise when contract available.


    Xolani Ngwenya

  • Mkhongwane John Matona

    I’ve got a Truck so I’m looking a Contract seriously ( double diff) km 357865

    1. Halo,I m looking for 4 superlink trucks in Durban with crossborder permits to Zim,Zambia,Drc and I can get return loads cashloads Asap whatsapp me on 0625385097 for calls 0617501270 its a 3 year contract thank you.No Emails

  • Hi guys, i have been flooded with emails from people who say they want contracts but dont even have trucks even i stated that i can not assist them. due to the increasing fraud in the industry i have chosen to stop assisting people with contracts(FOR NOW) as being in possesion of other peoples documents at this stage is dangerous as it could fall into the wrong hands. apologies to those who have emailed me but i could not help. reality is since i am offering a free service and i do not own a mine nor do i own a blue chip company those who ive been able to assist were assisted by favourable circumstances. sadly not everyone will get a contract as it is a time consuming process of communcating,negotiating and doing bakground checks on companues so i urge those who still want to enter this industry to do their research before purchasing a truck. best of luck to all you budding entrepreneurs and if any advice is needed im always here to lend an ear.

    kind regards


    1. M.E.K.Trucking

      We have a 4ton tautiline body’s Isuzu 500 NRP ready for work. Based in KZN , but willing to relocate should a good opportunity arise. 2010 model(looking new)

      I can be reached on 0762256954

    2. Hi Minenhle

      I have been running my business for the past couple of months with the prospect of long term contracts but yet am yet to sign one (promises , promises ) nothing material as yet .I currently have a 4 ton truck (van body with 3 doors) and a 1 ton van .Do you perhaps have any advise on how to go about getting a contract or a steady flow of work ?I have had some success but nothing to shout out about.

      Your advice would be much appreciated .

      I am based in Randburg , Johannesburg .

      Fabian Watson

    3. im ledwaba i need advice on this tipper trucks busines,can u give me a call or give me your number then i can call you

  • I got no comment after all i’m reading from you beloved people.The only thing i want , is also a contract for my 4ton truck.Whether it’s cargo or furniture, would’t matter.I mostly love furniture transporting, but anything will do.Even just ongoing work.

  • There is a critical point made in this piece. Careful in entering this market with an expectation of a corporate contract. It would seem the corporate market is flooded and entry requires some special or divine intervention. But the the writer makes another critical point: Look into the non corporate or SME market. Read it here

  • I have loads from Jhb to Durban need trucks (side tippers and dropsides ) pliz contact Anthony on 0717146485

  • We have 3 ton and 4 ton dropside trucks with a steel mesh cage available for any trucking contracts or trucking work.
    Please contact Alex on 061-489-6208.

  • min what documents you need to start a transporting company

  • Hi i Own a 4 ton fuso 2010 dropside and i am currently looking for work, contact : 079 239 2131 or priority.deliveries0@gmail.com


  • Hi, I have Hyundai h100 and looking for contract at courrier company. My bakkie is reliable. May someone help please.

  • Hi

    I would like to join Afrsam what should one do to obtain a contract

    Company Name : Nelly and Groovy Transport and Aviation pty ltd

    Cell 0720683017



  • […] Careers has run its owner-driver empowerment scheme about for 20 years. The scheme is known to have produced a number of real rags to riches stories […]

    1. Hi walter,.
      I am interested in taking part, tell me is it guaranteed that after 6 months the contract will be renewed and where the job will take place.
      Thank you.

  • Does anyone know what happened to the Southern African Owner Drivers
    Empowerment Federation (SAODEF). I remember it was launched amid fanfare by the ministry of transport in 2007. Are they still alive, where are they and are they, are they any useful?

  • Been tasked to send trucks from Cape Town up the Garden Route and coordinate loads back to Cape Town. All in the name of RETURN LOADS avoiding empty runs.

    Plse contact me if you can assist for MUTUAL financial benefit.

    We are Cape Town based with a compliment of truck and trailers exceeding 150. Contracts are welcomed.
    Also seek to deploy a COMBINATION (link) side tipper urgently.

    Johan at 0746406380 or mail johanstomen@rocketmail. com

  • Hi I am a wheelchair bound person I bought a bantam bakkie now I am looking work .like courier or anything to deiiver in western cape

  • Hi
    Trucks needed for 6 months contract renewable, type of trucks side tippers.any one interested contact me on
    cell. :0712128934
    email. : shikhibana@webmail.co.za

  • Company Name: WAYNE-STALLBAUM LOGISTICS (PTY) LTD Reg no 2015/3010501/07
    Available to do deliveries in and around Western Cape 250km Radius and Johannesburg area 250km radius.

    Kind Regards
    Wayne Stallbaum
    074 6213546

  • Manyanya Transport

    We provide transportation for passengers and goods – our industry experience expands over 20years with reputable brands e.g. SAB – for transportation needs contact us via email.
    Thank you in advance for your support

  • Hi I’m Simon and living in Tembisa I have a 1ton bakkie ,I’m looking for courier job in gauteng please help me

  • hi I’m an owner driver looking for work for my Mercedes Benz MP200 truck 1840 I live in port Elizabeth but willing to work any where in south africa please let me no ….

  • I have a new hyndai H100 bakkie and looking for any transportation contracts or work in South Africa or across borders
    I have a mature and Reliable driver.vehicle is fully insured and fitted with a tracker. Insurance for goods can also be arranged
    Please contact me on email :eremencianyika@gmail.com
    Cell number 0833913360

  • I’m an owner of Hyundai h 100 bakkie I’m looking a contract work around gauteng

  • I am looking for someone who own Ash loading trucks around mpumalanga in need of 20 trucks and it’s a 2 years contract extanderble contact me 0822678769

    1. Hi Sir/Madam…is the bakkie still available for the lease. One year contract.

  • Hello my name is Katleho Mashele from Bronkhorstspruit and I recently bought a 4 ton Mitsubishi fuso canter. I am looking for work, can anyone help?
    More info 079 428 6271.

  • I recently opened a transport company. We transport anything at any time within the borders of south africa. If you need transport. Call us at 0788186369 or email at sithole752@gmail.com and we will be at your services

  • Good day. I am young vibrant interpreneer who is looking for owner driver oppotunity. Please find attatched document. Regards TJ Maqelepo

  • Good day
    I am a vibrant long distance driver with 15 years refrigeration trailer operator looking for owner driver opportunity.

  • I need some assistance to start trucking business. I have some funds which will be enough buying a truck complete. I want to be assisted with a contract, I’m scared buying a truck to stand without work. I have been paying unreliable people and companies who promised me contracts but nothing worked out.
    Please assist

  • Hi all

    I need an advice as to where to start about this truck rental things to companies,
    I want to know where to start by doing this business.
    What channel must I follow?

    Financial I am fine.
    Kind regards

  • Hi I own a np200 bakkie 2015 model with a courier canopy looking for a contract to deliver please contact me at 0824031816

  • Hi just want to know how do I apply for an owner driver cotract….

  • Hi. I own a 1ton Ford Ranger, looking for a contract. I’m in Jhb. 0606846449

  • Good day all
    If you have 34 ton side tipper trucks please contact me at SachielTransport@outlook.com . I have available loads, no chance takers please send spreadsheet of truck or trucks with drivers id documents, drivers license, pdp, drivers contact details, and Goods in transit insurance copy of not less than R500 000

  • Hi
    I own a Hyndai H100 bakkie, looking for any deliveries contract i can get.
    I am based in johannesburg but i am willing to drive to everywhere.

    073 357 3902

  • Good day

    I have a ford batam bakkie, I am looking for contracts with courier companies.
    Please assist , I can be contacted on 082 301 9134 or e-mail: blmabusela@gmail.com

    Thanks and regards

  • Good day
    I have two 1,3 ton bakkies H100 and Kia K2700 looking for short and long term contracts for them. Please advice where and how I can get the contract Or anyone with the info please assist. I am situated in Johannesburg Thank you all in advance.
    My contact are as follows 074 484 8991/ 071 542 4285 email: gafanetshephiso@ymail.com

  • Hi Everyone
    Iv got a 2016 -1.6 Nissan np200 I would like to have a short or a long courier contract u may contact me on
    0630613984 and email me charlesjiyana@webmail.co.za

  • Good day, I have (2) 6×4 Trucks Freightlliner and Eagle Truck and a 12 meter container trailer.
    I am seeking contractual work.
    Was a subcontractor at Unitrans for 15 yrs carting hazardous products.Transporting Bitumen,Petroleum etc to all neighboring countries.
    I have a valid passport, code 14 licence, Bee certificate, letter of good standing etc.
    If you have anything available I can start immediately.


    1. Hi Rhoda

      based on your write up, can we discuss further?

      My email address is; salomep@europassistance.co.za


      Salome Pillay

  • I own 1 ton ford range I want a owner driver job and contract who can help me

  • Hi every one. I own a horse MAN F200 Double Diff I’m lookin for a contract for my truck.

  • I have a 1ton Isuzu 4×4 bakkie…looking for a contract job

  • I have a 1ton Isuzu bakkie, 4×4…looking for a contract. contact numbet 0824205050


    Hi l have two new hyndai H100 bakkies looking for contracts in Gauteng and beyond. Contact 0833913360 /0833813265

  • Mafemana Ngobeni

    What is the starting point to acquire a owner driver delivery contract with AfriSam

  • Hi,I have a 8Ton Truck,Tata 2008 and is looking for contract work for the truck.Please let me know we in Cape Town and will utilise the wherever it need to go.Give me a call on the following number:0766454033 Ricky

  • Snenhlanhla Langa

    Hi, Snenhlanhla Here. I have a 2013 Hyundai H100 bakkie and 2015 kia k2700 bakkie. I m looking for short to long term work these vehicles.

    1. I need 3 bakkie to rent for long term call me on 0738237501

  • Pran Haripershad

    Good day
    I have a 12 ton flatdeck truck with side pole slots and container locks.I am able to transport break bulk as well as 6metre containers.I am situated in KZN.

    1. Write here…hi im looking for flat deck and troutliner to transport molasies/sugar n I also have lots of goods to be traveled from mpumalanga,Johannesburg,Durban,cape town,limpompo and freestate please you can contact me or email me at mdu@aboveaveragelogistics.co.za/financesydwell@gmail.com contact number 081 531 7088 /0768697659 also you can visit our wapsite at http://www.aboveaveragelogistic.co.za

  • I have a house and trailer truck Mercedes bens
    Doing code 14 for driving school
    But also need a courier job
    Stationed in the Eastern cape
    But willing to go eneywhere


  • Hello
    My name is blessing brian memelA and i own a logistic company based in Johannesburg I have two links
    Our work we do most cross border route to zambia and sometime local
    We are not contracted to anyone one and we would like to get any direct contract local or cross border we do mostly in SADC region zambia and Malawi
    And we are also looking to hire on year contract basis a bulk cement tanker trailer to work in zambia
    Kindly advise if you can be on any help

  • I own horse hino double diff i am looking for contract local or long distance i am at limpopo

  • I am looking for a JV partner to service a contract. Minimum 4 trucks,side tipper or flat decks. No chancers,no agents please. Its a direct contract. If you have send me spreadsheet with details and proof of ownership. You must be willing to sign NON disclosure agreement,Letter of Intent which include restriction of trade during the period of the contract.

  • i have a transporter(vw) bakkie i am looking for loads, i reside in the east rand close to alberton. i am a hard worker and can deliver anywhere in the country as per the clients request. i am available even for cross borders.

  • i hv a 4 ton nissan tautliner Truck looking for wrk .l am situated in cape town.gd rates.reliable transport,everyday.0730489638.

  • I have a 4 ton closed body and looking for contract work. I’m based in Johannesburg/Pretoria
    084 042 6431

  • hie i hv Isuzu bakkie 2014 looking for courier contract i am based in Durban ready to relocate, anyone willing to help, i also hv code 14 DGP and knowledge of fuel . my contacts 0766668458 / 0786670389 ,dmsithole051@gmail .com

  • Hi All

    Im Mlungisi Ngubane from Pietermaritzburg, i have a 4Ton 2008 Truck, im looking for contract around KZN. My number is 074481911 email : msketsi@gmail.com

  • Hi. I am very interested in a logistic/transport/courier contract. I have a registered company ( Yoda Services ). I currently have one bakkie but can buy more if needed. Im based in the johannesburg/gauteng area. I do all kinds of collections and deliveries. I am available 24/7 365. Please dont hesitate to contact me. Carl 0827036450 carl.coetzee23@gmail.com

  • morning I just got a contract I need 20 flat deck trucks asap please contact me on 0839617895

  • Hi my name is Jacob Basil Ndlovu,I have transport and logistics company.I am looking contract for pickups and delivery.My. Cellphone number is 0765779106, thank you.

  • Good Day. I have a Hyundai H100 1.3 tonne. I am looking for a contract for this vehicle. I am based in Johannesburg but can travel to any place country wide. Contact me on 078 280 2380

  • hi all,
    i have a horse truck double diff, looking for work asap 0786620206

  • Thank you for considering my application as owner driver at your company. I am available immediately if you need my service.
    As a highly skilled individual with 19 year of practical driving experience, I have a valid Code 08 (PDP) license with a background of Logistics couriers. You will find that I am a hardworking, experienced and dedicated worker who believes in building good
    relationships with contacts and
    delivering within given deadlines. I have the ability to work in a team with good interpersonal skills. I have
    knowledge of transportation
    with three years’ experience in transporting people over weekends part-time. I have also the ability to think creatively and meet deadlines. I am known to be deadline driven and original. I have basic numeracy and literacy. I am a familyperson with responsibilities, very reliable and trustworthy. I am flexible, hard- working; honest individual and always willing to learn newskills. I am punctual with excellent award for performance in global competitors.
    Throughout my career I have been promoted and have acquired increasing responsibilities within everyposition. No matter where I have
    been, I have produced top-notch work.
    In case you do not have any suitable openings at the moment, I would be grateful if you could keep my CV
    on file for any future possibilities.
    Please feel free to contact me by mobile number 0783586332 / 0613016788 or e-mail address indicated below.
    I thank you for your time in reading this letter and I look forward to hearing from you.

  • greetings to you all,

    I’m starting a logistics business, I can offer new bakkies I do have finance. I am based in Richards bay

    1. Please email details to me

  • I there my name is Leon Daniels if anyone needs transport for there deliveries give me a call .I have a NP200 Nissan bakkie with courier canopy and a 1.3ton KIA truck my contact number is 0636354453 /email address leon.daniels02@gmail.com .I am registered as KDDA Corp Couriers thanks

  • I’m looking for 3 bakkie or van to rent I have a contract call 0738237501

    1. Hi Luwi
      Do you still need the bakkies? i have a nissan NP300 looking for contract.phone me if interested Linah 076 606 2958/ 076 052 6226

  • Greetings myself &my husband recently registered a transporting company we are now looking for contract. We need assistance we based midrand call innocent 0788348760

    1. Good day Innocent. I do trust you well. Please would you call me at your soonest.
      Thank you very much

  • I have a 6m tipper truck and I’m looking for a contract or a job for my truck. Anyone interested can contact me on 0738435549

  • Hi
    I have a NISSAN NP300 bakkie, l am interested in courier/logistic contracts for owner driver. i would gladly appreciate if you could assist me in going about in this regard. my phone numbers are 076 6062958/ 076 052 6226

  • Owner Drivers and Sub- Contractors

    We looking the following motor vehicles for 12 months contract:-
    – Toyota Hilux Double Cab with Canopy
    – Hyundai H1
    – Nissan NP 200
    – Chevrolet Utility
    Please send email to info@businesshub.org.za with the front, back and side images of your motor vehicle

  • Thembelani Ndzendze

    I have a Sania R500 horse with a flat deck and side tipper superlink trailer I need to have it placed urgently. Call 0731952705

  • I have3 bakkie but is a short base now I need extra bakkie but must be long base 0738237501

  • Good Morning

    I trust you are well.

    Kamogelo Transport Services is a newly registered logistics company.

    We recently came a cross Cargo Carriers’ owner driver black economic empowerment (BEE) scheme on the internet and as such we are eager to register for an opportunity to acquire contract work.

    You’re Practice and services offered have caught our eye and as such we believe that Kamogelo

    Transport Services will be a perfect match for an outsourcing opportunity and or subcontracting with.

    At present we are seeking contract work which would allow us the opportunity to acquire the main asset the company needs to conduct business effectively , i.e. a flatbed truck heavy load truck.

    My business partner who is in charge if the operations side of the business has extensive experience of 4 years working as a driver for Mpaiwa’s Transport (Under South African Breweries)

    Please contact either myself ; Miss Tebogo Letlhogonolo Seforo on 0725140379 or Mr. Andrew Masike on 0787227240.

    Tebogo Seforo


  • I have one year contract to supply I’m looking for 5 BAKKIE to rent but I provide with drivers……call me on 0794011414

  • I have one year contract to supply I’m looking for 5 BAKKIE to rent but I provide with drivers……call me on 0794011414

  • Wandile Cebekhulu

    I have recently registered a transport and logistics company. I have approached SEFA and ITHALA TRADE CENTER, they are willing to fund me (buy a brand new truck) as long as I get a contract.
    Please assist.
    Thank you
    Cell number:0847439455

  • hi my name is December Raleutoana im looking for owner driver contract for my ford bantam with volume canopy my cell number 0725567994

  • Hi

    I am urgently looking for a contract or courier work for my Chev Utility bakkie, 2015 with or without a driver.

  • Hi

    My name is Vongani. I am urgently looking for a contract or courier work for my Chev Utility bakkie with or without a driver. I can be contacted at 0605032680

  • Owner Drivers and Sub- Contractors
    Pietermaritzburg and Durban Area

    We looking the following motor vehicles for 12 months contract:-
    – Toyota Hilux Double Cab with Canopy
    – Hyundai H1
    – Nissan NP 200
    – Chevrolet Utility
    Please send email to info@businesshub.org.za with the front, back and side images of your motor vehicle

  • Good day, I have a chev utility bakkie which is a 2016 model. I am looking for a courier or similar contract to assist with deliveries. please contact me on 073 4366 492.

  • Hi i also have chev utility bakkiie 2010 model from bloemfontein but currently in witbank.i’m looking for a courier or small contract for delivery my contacts are 083 7287105

  • Hi im looking for a courier or a contract for my bakkie HYNDAI H1 2013 MODEL for delivery

    if you have something for me my contact are 0795403584

  • good day
    My name is David one of the best sales consultants for FAW Commercial, anyone looking for a brand new truck can contact me on 076 661 6378 /016 100 0054 or davidm@integra-group.co.za. Remember we also have our in-house finance except from the banks.
    looking forward to offer you a great deal.

    kind regards

  • Hi I’m William I have a big track .I’m looking for contract short distance or long distance please email me or contact here ,0713956120 please replay

  • William I have big track with a plain long venter

  • Hell,
    I have an 8 ton closed that is available for hire, I’m charging R2500 per trip around JHB. And R4200 per long distance around South Africa.
    email address is selekab@gmail.com.
    Thank you.

  • Hello I have an 8 tonn truck for hire around South Africa. I can be contact on 078 733 9202.

  • Hello. I have a Hyundai H100 and looking for a contract or sub contract. I can be contacted on 0799104305 or loratomary@ymail.com.

  • Good Morning

    I am the contract manager for Alw Investments . We are in the final stages of purchasing 15 trucks 10 with side tipper trailers 5 side curtains. How do i apply for contracts directly. We had been given a run around with brokers for weeks now .

    please advise.


  • I’m looking for bakkie to rent for long tearm without driver

  • I’m looking for bakkie for long term without drive 0631333917

    1. Hello
      I have got a Toyota Hilux vvti 2010 model i and would like to rent it out or have any delivery/courier jobs around Pretoria.

  • Hi. I own a 1ton Ford Ranger, looking for a contract. I’m in Jhb. 0724257631

  • I have 4 ton truck closed body looking for short and long term contracts around Gauteng. Director of ILanka Projects

  • Kabelo Ilanka 076 614 3253 .Owner of 4 ton truck closed body, im looking for contracts for deliveries and collections around Gauteng..please assist

  • Hi
    I have a 4 tone close van body. I’m looking for a short or long distance deliveries.

  • Hi
    I have a 4ton close van. I’m looking for short or long distance deliveries, contract or subcontract. Contact no 0835941470

  • im looking for a long base bakki to rent

    1. Hello
      I have got a Toyota Hilux vvti 2010 model i and would like to rent it out or have any delivery/courier jobs around Pretoria.
      My email: jayjaynape@gmail.com

  • im looking for long base bakkie to rent

  • im looking for long base bakkie to rent

    1. Hi Lucas
      I have got a Yoyota Hilux 2010 model bakkie to rent out if you still looking for a bakkie.

  • I have Kia 2012 Model ,I’m looking for contract short distance or long distance please email me @ tham2000us@gmail.com or contact here ,079 680 0080.

  • hello brethren,I am kernels a young guy who have a vision of business like of trucks so am looking for a place where a can rent a truck like of side tipper to let my business function,any one who can help me contact me on 0733512518/0833603066 or e-mail me at chaukekernels@gmail.com

  • i need a side tipper for rental any one to help me on 0733512518 or email me on chaukekernels@gmail.com

  • hi i need job for my truck volvo 440 model 2016. supar link side tipe

    1. Dear Vincent

      Please feel free to contact me.


      Thank you

  • I have a bakkie to rent: OPEL corsa Utility 1.8 sport pack. I am looking for a contract, long term preferably, courier, small company to company deliveries, based in KZN, Call me on 0815415042 or 0786206922

  • Hi there. I own a Toyota Hilux 2.0 VVTI with a high volume canopy. I need a contract.

    Info@avgalore.net or call me on 0721703172

  • Siphamandla Sikhosana

    I need 30 trucks urgently. I have good rates for contracts. It it urgent.

    1. Siphamandla what do you have? Do you need flat decks or side tippers

  • I need a contract for a double diff horse with a flatdeck triaxle trailer urgently. Please help with a contract of you have one avilable.

  • Im looking for someone who is renting out bakkie

  • Im looking for someone who is renting out bakkie call 0642344372

  • Hi I have a 10 cube tipper truck looking for a contract please help. My number is 0630334661

  • Good day people of the south. We got trailers we are looking for double diff horses for durnban jo’burg routds.. Please quote. Contact paul on 0760825293

  • Hi my name is Sylvester I have a 4 ton drop side mitsubishi canter any1 with a contract please assist.

    My contacts details 0844622967/+27764690529

  • Hi my name is Sylvester I have a 4 ton drop side mitsubishi canter any1 with a contract or hire please assist

    My contacts details 0844622967/+27764690529
    Email kgosisylvester@gmail.com

  • Hi am Sylvester I have a Toyota Da tipper 6 cube looking for a contract please assist

    My contacts 0844622967/+27764690529

  • Hi am Sylvester I have a Toyota Da tipper Trucks 6 cube looking for a contract please assist

    My contacts 0844622967/+27764690529

  • Hi my name is smanga and I have D4D Hilux bakkie with canopy looking for delivery job.my phone number is 0790563042

  • hi guys my name is jim makhubela, I have a three Np 200 Brand new 2016 model. I’m looking for contract, please anyone who can help me to find a job call me on 0718261871.

  • godfrey tshisamphiri

    Hi my name is godfrey tshisamphiri ,am looking for a transport contract(courier etc) am driving nissan np300 still brand new i was working my contract ended this month so i traded in my polo so i can make a living with the bakkie since the polo was still on finance.contact :0782056957..Please help

  • Hi Minenhile

    * I own a UD – 490 (2014 model)
    Truck Tractor (Double Diff) white in colour , with no Trailer.
    * Also a Ford Ranger – 2014 model (High Rise)
    I’m from Cape Town , & in desperate need of work for it .
    Could you be so kind in contacting me on : 072 745 9239
    or via email : rickykayser@gmail.com
    Many Thanks … !

  • Hi

    I also need to start small .with a bakkie then grow.m looking for a contract.please if there is anyone who has a contract for bakkies .email me filemohlakoane@Gmail.com.

  • I am looking for contract I have 15 seater quantum brand new and two horses truck willing to do the work. My contact information is 0799807574 and my email is mgworks7reception@gmail.com.

  • Good day.

    Truck owners we are into the Logistics shipping for over 16 years of services. We do exports. Imports and other cargos as well. We also mainly into the side Tippers as well over work is non stop and honest growing. If you need work and your fleet is ready. Please feel free to contact us. Again please I respect fleet owners thank you very much.


    1. Hi am loocking a job I have a double diff horse 6×4 actros 3344/s no trailer ps assist.

  • Wiseman Mosekeli

    Greetings, I have a 1 year renewable contract. I need 2 (34) side tipper trucks for hire/rent or lease. We will pay R35 000 per truck monthly, driver will be paid by us R10 000 and accomodation is on us. diesel is also on us.

    We need the trucks to begin next week. Kindly tell us what to do in order to do business with you.


    1. My name is Thabo ,I have a 3,5 ton Isuzu truck ,closed body high volume Canopy,Model 2011,in good condition and suitable for deliveries,I m really looking forward to enter into logistic field to assist you in deliveries or transportation of goods.For contracts I am available ,My contact numbers 0812880131/0814356622(Gauteng) email adress :thaboletsit@gmail.com

    2. Hi Wiseman,

      Where are you based? I am in Cape Town and I have a truck(single diff) and I need contract/job for it.
      You can contact me on 0763095542/0844960149


    3. Hi I have a double diff truck Mercedes Benz actros I really need work I got vallid pdp code 14 driver’s license ps contact me 0738404599.

  • Hi, My name is Samkelo I have registered Company which is logistics and transport based in KZN, Durban (Phoenix Area) I have a Hyundai H100 with high volume canopy. I have all the paper work requirements so I’m looking for a contract or a Job, you can contact me vie whatspp, email or call me (hmthembu101@gmail.com 0788117536).


  • Hello Good people, I have Superlink trucks and side tippers, I’m looking for a job for them, anybody who can send me a Letter of Intent or a contract of some sort will be of great help to me. Here are my contact details below for more information, thank you.

    Tebogo David Motlhale

  • Hello Good people, I have Superlink trucks and side tippers, I’m looking for a job for them, anybody who can send me a Letter of Intent or a contract of some sort will be of great help to me. Here are my contact details below for more information, thank you.

    Tebogo David Motlhale

  • Hi am Joseph we are looking for 10 cube tippers contract jobs in witbank

    1. Hi Joseph will you contact me regarding the contracts you have…

  • hi I have a 2017 corsa utility bakkie and I am looking for a courier contract.my contact is 0799648983.

  • Dear Business Gurus

    Any local pick-ups delivery contracts using NP200 with a cone space saver canopy, you may contact me on the following email miccadesh@gmail.com. Available ASAP.

    “Every successful builders started with FOUNDATION, start small then go high”. —–Dazzy


  • I’am an owner driver

  • I have a double diff international truck tractor and it’s contracted, and doing loads for steel company ,just started in August, experiencing financial difficulties,need a partner.willing to offer 40%
    Please contact me on 0728726738

  • hi..i have a registered company..vat..bee and public liabilty insuruance. i am looking into joining a partner to grow in a business field. i also have a 1.5 ton bakkie and 4m trailer..we can grow together.. contact me with ideas and opportunities …

  • Good morning people,I am looking for a contract because I have an investor who is Willing to finance me should I obtain a contract.

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