Business welcomes Zuma’s direction in SONA

Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) said it welcomes the emphasis of rolling out the National Development Plan in President Jacob Zuma’s 2013 State of the Nation Address (SONA).

The apex business lobby group, BUSA, mainly represents mainstream business organs such as the SA Chamber of Commerce, and as such its voice is critical, coming on the back of the post Marikana doom and gloom.

BUSA said the president addressed the first important phase to implement the NDP. “Business was pleased at the reinforced commitment to the “Vision 2030” – however much remains to be done to concretise and implement the plan in the period ahead”.

“We also welcome infrastructure projects that have begun to gain traction, where the President reiterated to fast-track many of the projects that the Presidential Infrastructural Coordinating Committee had announced. BUSA believes that the private sector will play a bigger role in helping to expedite the implementation of the infrastructural program. Business also supports the initiative to crack down on corruption, tender fraud and price fixing in the infrastructure programme”.

BUSA added that it welcomes government’s initiative to get its departments to pay SMMEs within 30 days. “This intervention will make sure many enterprises don’t go under. Organised business is encouraging its large corporates to do likewise”.

“On the mining side we were encouraged at the focused intervention through the Inter Ministerial Committee that helped restore social stability, as per the result of the lessons learnt at Marikana. However, BUSA hopes such interventions can be made timeously in future”.

“Business is expecting to see how the NDP would be financed, as this would be a challenging task in finding workable solutions to the challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality – in a backdrop of difficult domestic and global economic environment. We echo the President’s words that it is imperative for business, labour and other social partners to continue to collaborate and cooperate as no single force acting individually can achieve the objectives we have set for ourselves”.

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