BUSA: prepares for 102nd ILO conference

Business Unity SA (BUSA) is pleased to announce that South African business will once again be represented at the 102nd Session of the International Labour Organisation Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, taking place from 5th -20th June.

BUSA representatives will form part of the 5 000 delegates representing different governments, employers and workers from the ILO’s 185 Member States, who will be deliberating on various critical global socio-economic issues. These issues include sustainable development, decent work and green jobs. This aims to put on the spotlight the challenges of achieving environmental sustainability and turning the vision of decent work for all into a reality. While it is certain that environmental degradation and climate change will increasingly require enterprises and labour markets to react and adjust, the goal of environmentally sustainable economies will not be attained without the active contribution of the world of work.

Other critical issues up for discussion at this upcoming annual ILO Conference include employment and social protection in the new demographic context. The changing age structure of the population has potentially significant implications for economic development, labour markets and well-being in different development contexts. It raises issues of possible shortages in labour supply and skills, productivity and innovation and the provision of adequate social protection and other services for an increasingly ageing population. The contribution of South Africa in this discussion will be of particular significance as the demographic dynamics in emerging markets such as Africa are quite different to those of the developed nations. For instance, our demographics in terms of population age present both an opportunity and a challenge. The young population in Africa present great market and innovation opportunities but the high unemployment in this particular age category is a huge challenge. We need to find ways in which this challenge can be addressed.

The other key item for discussion at this conference will be social dialogue. South Africa’s proven history of successful social dialogue is currently under threat, particularly as it relates to peaceful workplace relations. This conference will provide a good platform to test our social dialogue developments with relevant global developments in this area.

 Statement issued by BUSA



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