Brian Dames bows out of Eskom

Eskom Statement

Eskom also regrets to announce the resignation of its Chief Executive Mr Brian Dames, who will leave at the end of Eskom’s financial year in March 2014. This time frame allows for a planned succession process.

 The Chairman of the Eskom Board Mr Zola Tsotsi thanked Mr Dames, praising him for his dedication and commitment to Eskom over the years: “I want to personally thank Brian for his hard work, for taking the helm of Eskom during arduous times and successfully steering the company through many rough seas. Eskom will still have the benefit of his vast experience and knowledgeuntil 31 March 2014.  During this time the Eskom Board and Mr Dames will work together to ensure a smooth transition to a new Chief Executive.  The process to find a successor is well underway and we expect it to be concluded timeously.”

My tenure at Eskom has given me an opportunity to become part of the solution that our country needs to succeed. The significant improvement that we make in the lives of ordinary South Africans is one of the best barometers of our success as a company and I am grateful to have played a role in changing people’s lives for the better. I have had the pleasure of seeing many young, promising employees grow within the organisation reach their potential, just like I did. I could not have served without the support of Eskom employees, its Board and shareholder and I thank all those who have enriched my journey at Eskom,” said Dames.

Brian Dames took his position as Chief Executive at Eskom on 1 July 2010, bringing stability to an Eskom under stress. He now completes a 26 year career at Eskom, having substantially turned around the organisation; under his leadership Eskom kept the lights on in spite of a tight system, sustained the new build programme, invested in renewable energy on a large scale and secured the funding required for its future while also making a significant contribution to development, training and empowerment.

 Eskom and its Board are proud of all that was achieved during Brian’s tenure. Brian took over as Chief Executive in the run-up to the ultimately successful FIFA Football World Cup, when many doubted that Eskom would be able to keep the lights on for the tournament. Not only did Eskom manage to keep the lights on for the tournament, but under his leadership achieved significant improvements in operational efficiency and thanks to constantly improving operational excellence, Eskom has continued to keep the lights on. Moreover, Eskom has now secured affordable financing for its build programme and invested in a cleaner future, both by burning coal cleaner and by increasing the contribution of renewable energy to its mix. In this time Brian ensured that Eskom became transparent and proactive with its engagements with stakeholders, customers and the media, of which the regular system status updates and quarterly reports are prime examples.

The most recent news that Eskom is the winner in the Resources Category of the ACCA Reporting Awards for sustainability reporting capped a year during which Eskom won many awards. In 2013 Eskom has won the IAS award for the best presentation to the Investment Analysts Society in the market cap above R30 billion category; the Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa made Eskom the joint winner in the State-owned companies category (first time we won this specific award); Eskom was also the overall winner in the Nkonki SOC integrated reporting awards.

During the period when Brian was Chief Executive, Eskom was voted as Most Desired Company to Work For (Sunday Times), came second in Community Upliftment (SundayTimes), was rated second as the top Company that does most to look after the environment and natural resources (Sunday Times), was given a Star Award for Operation Khanyisa and became the 4th most popular brand in South Africa (Finweek).

 This is a track record of real success for which the Board congratulates Brian. We thank him sincerely for his leadership and commitment, because we know that his commitment to excellence in achievement provided the touchstone of success at Eskom. The chapter of his tenure will stand as a testimony to driven leadership and determination that put Eskom successfully on the turnaround track.

Brian Dames thanked the Minister of Public Enterprises for his unwavering support and guidance, and the Board of Eskom, his management colleagues, trade union leaders and the people of Eskom, as well as his family for their support during his tenure as Chief Executive; “at Eskom, we work in our country’s interest. Each of our employees, at every level, is crucial to the success of Eskom as a business. What I wanted to achieve depended entirely on the support of all our stakeholders. Together, we made a big difference and we should all be proud of what we achieved under tough conditions. I urge everyone to continue working together to make the country proud of Eskom.”

Dames also called on Eskom and all its stakeholders to give their full support to his successor. “As I turn my attention to my family and a new phase in my career, I will continue to support Eskom and its people, including my successor, as best I can. Eskom is a remarkable place to work and the foundation for South Africa’s future. Eskom deserves our support and I intend to be a cheerleader for its success.”

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