Bonitas leads in customer satisfaction

Bonitas leads the South African medical insurance customer satisfaction scores, according the latest findings of the South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi).

The results of the medical insurance focused SAcsi survey showed Bonitas beating industry giants like Discovery Health, Liberty Health and Momentum Health. According to the perception survey Bonitas claimed to top spot with a customer satisfaction score that was 2.7% above the industry average score of 73%.

Prof Andre Schreuder, founder and chair of SAcsi, said “According to the SAcsi model, there is little differentiation between the company scores. However, the fact that Bonitas exceeded their policyholders’ expectations on perceived quality has contributed to their above-average score”

“What medical aid providers need to consider is the perceived value in the context of the price paid by policyholders for health insurance,” said Schreuder.

The SAcsi announcement stated that the average score (73%) produced by the South African medical insurance industry indicated adequate levels of satisfaction when compared to the scores of similar industries such as life insurance (76%) and short-term insurance (76”). This is despite that health insurance is often considered a grudge purchase.

The companies included in the private medical aids survey were Bonitas, Discovery Health, Liberty Health, Medihelp and Momentum Health based on their market share. The survey showed Discovery Health, Liberty Health, and Momentum Health all scoring on par with the industry average, and Medihelp scored slightly below (-2.7%).

The SAcsi statement said relative to the international ACSI scores, South Africa’s health insurance industry ranked ninth among the thirteen countries measured by the ACSI—Lithuania being the international benchmark with a score of 79 out of 100. “South Africa’s score was on par with Portugal, and only just above the USA (72). Countries that scored higher than South Africa were Turkey (78), Indonesia (76) as well as several Eastern European countries namely, Denmark (76), Finland (75), Latvia (75), Sweden (74) and Estonia (74)”.


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