BASA/Shanduka partner to boost arts business

Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) has partnered with Shanduka Black Umbrellas to further propel the bankability of artistic ventures with a particular focus on black operators.

BASA, a nonprofit organisation, is positioned to fulfill a critical mission of propelling the financial sustainability of the arts sector mainly through linkages with private enterprises. Shanduka Black Umbrellas, an NPO linked to Cyril Ramaphosa’s investment vehicle Shanduka, is a business incubation specialist. The partnership promises to infuse financial sustainability into arts based entities.

In a statement released this week the two entities said the partnership will benefit arts organizations in terms of packaging their operations in a manner that is attractive for sponsorship. BASA is also set to launch a sponsorship toolkit for the arts.

Taking place on May 6th at the Soweto Theatre, the launch of BASA’s partnership with Shanduka Black Umbrellas is part of BASA’s ongoing commitment to providing arts organisations and practitioners with the skills to run their own business.

Mark Frankel CEO of Shanduka Black Umbrellas said “All business owners, no matter which sector they operate in, should have the requisite skills in place to operate their businesses effectively and profitably.
“In addition to the skills required, businesses from previously disadvantaged backgrounds should be provided with assistance to access networks, markets and finance to help ensure their sustainability. This is the nature of the work we do at Shanduka Black Umbrellas.
“The partnership with BASA enables us to jointly identify potential high impact businesses in the arts sector and provide these businesses with the skills, support and development they require in order to become sustainable and create jobs.”

The BASA Sponsorship Toolkit for the Arts set to play an important role in the sustainability of arts organisations. With a strong focus on providing a way for the management team of an arts organisation to review, refresh and enhance their sponsorship practice, the toolkit is likely to become an indispensable part of the way arts organisations work. The BASA Sponsorship Toolkit for the Arts is a complement to the BASA Arts Sponsorship Management Toolkit for business that was launched last year.
The BASA Sponsorship Toolkit for the Arts has been created for both arts organisations with existing sponsorship relations and those looking for new and additional partners.
For arts organisations with existing sponsorship relationships, the toolkit provides an opportunity to assess the depth and breadth of their practices, as well as develop

the ability to nurture a more sustainable arts partnership approach.
For organisations searching for new or additional partners, the toolkit provides a step-by-step guide and set of exercises to craft a well-considered, longer-term arts partnership strategy.

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