ANC reaffirms National Development Plan

The ANC National Executive Committee reconfirmed its support for the National Development Plan after the plan was placed on shaky ground by attacks during the ANC’s policy conference held in Johannesburg about two months ago.

Some delegates at the ANC policy conference had attacked the NDP as an unsuitable neoliberal document which must be dismissed.

Following its meeting over the weekend the ANC reported that its NEC welcomed and expressed support for the work of the National Planning Commission which drafted the NDP under the leadership of the minister in the presidency Trevor Manuel. “The NEC agreed that the National Development Plan thus far is on the right track towards taking the country forward. The
NEC committed itself to continue engaging with National Development Plan and the commission is working hard to develop the national vision that the nation can converge around. The ANC pledged its support for this noble effort.

The ANC also announced that its NEC has:
*         directed the relevant state departments and ministries to ensure diversification of the structure of trade and pay greater focus on domestic and continental economic opportunities.

*         Develop stronger link between social protection and job creation measures to address poverty in a more coherent way.

*        Employment of youth in public programmes be priorities.

*         The programmes to promote cooperatives, particularly with job creation potential, be expanded.

*         The state must be bolder on building the capacity to undertake activities and services within the public sector.

*         The state should procure directly from the manufacturers and minimise dependence on the middlemen.

*         Reference pricing and better value for money must be investigated and implemented.

*         Efforts to increase youth employment must be increased, develop a comprehensive youth employment accord, define the role of both the state and the private sector, and invest more on skills.

*         The NEC agreed that the regulatory approval system be simplified, the list of is regarded as strategic minerals be finalised by the September NEC meeting, and set aside a portion of the strategic minerals for local beneficiation.

*         State construction capacity needs to be developed urgently for state to undertake some of the project and have the capacity to monitor and ensure quality assurance in those projects that are outsourced.

*         Licensing of the Post Bank be accelerated and fast tracked.

*         The NEC expressed full support for the establishment of the BRICS Bank, with the government encouraged to offer to host the Bank.

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