ANC clarifies stance in Mugabe/Zulu affair

The ANC statement on the Zimbabwean Facilitation team

The African National Congress has noted the coverage that suggests that the ANC through its Secretary General has defended the International Relations Advisor to President Zuma, Comrade Lindiwe Zulu against a statement released by the Presidency. This is not true.

The Secretary General in response to a question on the ANC’s reaction to the statement from the Presidency, regarding this matter, was that the Advisor was tasked with communication and diplomacy by the facilitation team. The Secretary General then said “whilst the ANC would not venture into this matter, my own understanding, from reading the Presidency statement, was that misgivings arose from communication that was not cleared with the President”. The Secretary General further stated that the Zimbabwe situation was a sensitive matter and therefore any communication regarding Zimbabwe facilitation should be treated as such.

The ANC wants to put it on record that we respect and support the intervention of the Presidency regarding the South African Facilitation Team, as well as the efforts of that team led by President Jacob Zuma as mandated by SADC to facilitate the Zimbabwe process towards free and fair elections as envisaged by the Global Political Agreement.

As the African National Congress and the rest of the continent we have been reassured by the holding of a peaceful referendum and adoption of the new Constitution and it’s signing into law by the President of Zimbabwe. This has strengthened our hope and trust of a free and fair elections.

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