ANC chief whip: ‘Calls for Phiyega’s head, ill advised’

ANC Chief Whip Statement 
The Office of the ANC Chief Whip notes with disappointment the irresponsible utterances in the media attributed to the DA on the allegations facing national commissioner Riah Phiyega. It raises serious questions on the quality of our opposition when a parliamentary party, which is responsible for oversight over our police and is knowledgeable about the complex challenges facing them, sees every development in the police department as a political points-scoring opportunity. It is a destructive and opportunistic form of opposition as it runs counter to our ongoing effort of building a stable and efficient police service through a constructive parliamentary oversight. The obsession to venture into headline-grabbing sound bites at whatever cost, including prejudging sensitive national matters, is not only reckless but makes a mockery of the role of the official opposition in this parliament.
It is a pity that the matter relating to allegations and related investigation against the national commissioner should become a subject of narrow and short-sighted political opportunism. It is a sensitive matter that affects not only the individual but the institution responsible for enforcing law and order in the country. It requires
political circumspection and maturity from those who call themselves honourable representatives of the people in this institution.
The call for the suspension or resignation of the national commissioner is plain politicking devoid of any sound factual foundation.
We are pleased with the national commissioner’s dignified response and cooperation in this investigation. The Independent Police Investigation, a competent and independent body, must be given space to investigate
this matter without undue political influence. The national commissioner has done an excellent work in uprooting wrongdoing and pursuing criminal elements within the police. We are hopeful that these allegations are not a backlash from those facing the heat of her anti-corruption drive.


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