ALN to host Africa entrepreneurship awards

The African Leadership Network (ALN) announced that it has won the exclusive licence from the Legatum Group to host the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship (, Africa’s most prestigious business awards.

Established in 2007 by the Legatum Group, the awards recognise African entrepreneurs who have demonstrated business excellence, innovation and profitability.

ALN co-founder and CEO Fred Swaniker said “ALN believes that Africa’s future will be determined by the quality of its leaders. Our mission is to build a new generation of leaders, and the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship fit perfectly with this mission. ALN’s stewardship of the Africa Awards provides a strong platform to spotlight the best of Africa’s entrepreneurship and inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs. We are focused on growing these Awards into a key catalyst for entrepreneurship across Africa.”

The licence to host the Awards by ALN, Africa’s premier network of young, dynamic, and influential new generation leaders creates a natural opportunity for an African champion to lead the programme to new heights.

“With its impressive network of new generation African leaders, pan-African reach and singular mission to build prosperity in Africa, the African Leadership Network stands out as the best suited institution to continue the legacy of these Awards,” said Alan McCormick, Legatum managing director. “Legatum remains committed to promoting entrepreneurship in Africa and is proud to continue its association with the Africa Awards through future sponsorship of one of the prizes.”

ALN will maintain the strategic focus of the Awards, which are open for nominations and applications for the 2012 season until 31 August 2012. The Awards, which offered prize funds of USD 400,000 in 2011, will remain open to firms originating from Africa, that have revenues above USD 500,000, are independent and not a subsidiary of a larger organization, and are fully registered in the home country.

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